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Words by: Henry McGraw
Posted: 6/11/14 7:50
Access All Areas : On the 5th Day - Interview with the Conductor Egle

On the 5th Day is a bold new project that launches on 7th November 2014. It will combine weekly underground parties at The Qube Project, London, with forums, discussions, panels and question and answer sessions, which will take place before each event. Karmon plays the first one with New Folder Live, and then the likes of Affkt, Rampa and Gabriel Ananda will play forthcoming parties. The likes of Ableton and Pioneer, as well as label bosses and industry experts, will all be on hand to share their knowledge, and behind it all is The Conductor.

Here we speak with him about how the project came to be, what her own background is and get plenty more insider info to whet your whistles ahead of the party this Friday.

On the 5th Day Introduce yourself, where you came from, your background and so on…
I come from many places, had many different childhoods and different families. Most of my friends were old records and invisible people, if you catch the drift.

By the age of 18 I already lived in all the different continents and did most of my experimenting. Music was always there, however I was a hippie back then, electronic music was found only in my late 40’s.

This was about the time where I paused my Conducting career. I found electronic music touching people more. Being a control freak I also found that commanding a raver is much more fun than a snob.

What made you want to start promoting parties instead of DJing or producing? Why did you fancy it?
I have done a bit of everything in my own time. To enjoy Djing you need to have the right surrounding, align the planets in the correct way, add a bit of zing and zang where it’s missing and to do that, you need the full control. Correct venue, correct vibe, and correct people. Very similar story with production; to get the full potential out of it and the full amount of satisfaction, you want to play your creations for the right people at the right time and the right place. You see, everything comes together – for me – On the 5th Day of the week that is when my brain goes wild.

On the 5th Day Is On the 5th Day your first venture? What gave you the idea for it, what inspired or influenced it?
In the early 80’s there was research.  A few scientists found a connection that people commit their most rash and crazy decisions on Fridays. They’ve been working on a theory that headlined – on the 5th day of the week the human brain is in search of a thrill, in other words, or shall we say in my words – the human brain requires ‘THE SOUND’.

How did you find The Qube Project, why pick that place, what makes it great?
The Qube Project just like me is about a fresh start; a new club and a new concept.  It’s time to make some mess now.

Tell us what gave you the idea for adding the workshops and lectures before each party?
In some other parts of the world, in different times, even here in early 90’s the crowd was more aware of “THE SOUND’. But then it slowly changed into “THE NAME”. I will try to change this by making their brain engrave new grooves; get some knowledge, creativity and inspiration.

On the 5th Day How have you decided what labels and DJs to have talking, what’s informed your choices?
Years of traveling, listening, feeling; the first series will have all the elements of “THE SOUND” – some nostalgic stories, some dark alley ones, some ground shaking, bum shaking ones too. It’s all about house and techno. However the more intellectual the better, I think I have the right people to deliver it all.

Talks about your residents – how important are they? What do you brief them for each party?
Very important; everything is important, even the ‘triangle’ guy in an orchestra plays a big role. My residents will have to make sure the night has a flow. They all will know their role, how far can they push it, how to warm the guest up, how to give a strong finish. After all it is all about “THE SOUND”.

Was it hard to get people involved or did they think it was a good idea from the off
You never say NO to a CONDUCTOR, we have psycho look.

On the 5th Day Pioneer and Ableton are in, right? Tell us about that, what they will talk about and so on...
Both of them will be talking about their products, giving presentations, tutorials, try-outs. Rekordbox, “push”, RMX, cdjs, vinyl decks, production tips – all will be touched.

Musically what are the aims of the night, is it just stuff you guys are personally into?
I will bring you some nice German techno that will make your teeth squeak and your heart pump. Then I will make you fall in love; at the same time sad, will make you to let it go.

For me it is all about the collision of dark and light, techno and house, love and hate, feeling and not feeling.

What are your plans for future/what else have you got coming up?
Education, inspiration, motivation. Let me grow my army first and let me see what’s missing. For now there is only one plan, to reinvent the 5th Day.

On the 5th Day
Friday @ The Qube Project
191 Victoria Street, London, UK, SW1E 5NE
23:00 PM-06:00 AM

07th November
Karmon (Diynamic), Few Nolder (Boso)
More info here

14th November
Affkt (Sincopat), Darlyn Vlys (Get Physical)
More info here

21st November
Rampa (Keinemusik)
More info here

28th November
Kyodai Live, Siopis
More info here

12th December
Gabriel Ananda 
More info here

19th December
Ramon Tapia
More info here

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