Junes - Root Pattern EP on Galdoor

Words by: Peter Adkins
Posted: 27/11/14 8:02
Junes - Root Pattern EP on Galdoor

Some labels take years to establish a sense of identity, with others it is almost instantaneous. Galdoors falls firmly into the latter camp. Since the Berlin / London label’s inauguration last year, the imprint has curated an aesthetic of deep yet gritty house music, racking up releases from the likes of Audio Werner and Hessle Audio associate Elgato.

Having released material on the label in summer 2013, label co-owner Junes, aka Neil McDermott, now returns to serve up a fresh three track EP, Root Pattern. On the eponymous a-sider, skudding break beats and a rumbling sub-bass accompany muted synths and a simple yet effective melodic hook. It’s the kind of track that trades in contrasts, the terse kicks accentuating the warmth of the melodious elements, with the emergence of string samples at the mid-point providing the crowning moment.

On the flipside, Transfer offers a tougher sound – in fact, it’s probably the toughest track that Galdoors have released so far. A syncopated beat loops above a taut bassline and powerful kickdrums, complemented by the kind of dystopic synths that sound as if they were designed to be played in abandoned industrial spaces. Whilst Transfer might not have the warmth of Root Patterns, it makes up for it in raw, self-propelled momentum.

Iced has already been getting the attention of people like Ben UFO, and the track caps off the EP in good style. Cavernous kick-drums and resounding tribal drums are soaked by warm, salty waves of melody. Weaving hard kicks and claps with colourful synth through lines, the track takes classic Detroit electro tropes and refashions them into outing in paranoia-drenched machine funk.

Junes – Root Pattern EP on Galdoors

Our Rating: 7.5/10


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