Bwana - Flute EP on AUS Music

Words by: Simon Whight
Posted: 18/12/14 9:04
Bwana - Flute EP on AUS Music

No other label has attracted such an insta-click reaction in myself than seeing a new Aus Music release pop up in the promo pools, that is a testament to the legacy Will Saul's label has built. Getting personal for a second, my coverage has held a solid but sans fireworks start to the year to particularly stern account. Unfair you may say, yet such standards go hand in hand with being a label of such prominence and calibre. With all of that that taken into account, it has to be said that the string of releases leading to their latest offering has been rather predictable. Predictably stellar that is. Let the Aus fanboy within you rejoice. 

Following on from the inspired pairing of Gerry Read on top form and the mercurial Nathan Fake on remix duty, Bwana's Flute Dreams - backed by the deliciously reinvented Simian Mobile Disco as chosen remixers - shows no sign of a lessening in pace. 

Taking its time to establish with choral ahhhs and sonar bleeps being tumbled around in a heavy low end thump, Flute Dreams shifts gear and takes off into the stratosphere with a natty electric funk flourish and breathy pan pipes. Less incorporeal, the Simian Mobile Disco version goes for peak time perky acid vibes, highlighting how far they've come - and with such accomplishment - from their early indie dance days. 

The remaining pair of tracks could easily have been culled from the early days of Border Community, tough edged but with encroaching emotion that cracks through like the onset of an emphatic sunrise after darkest night. Aoname lets the melody - some delicious arpeggio, flute work and eighties tinged bass - lazily drift over a rigid and bright structure.

Fizzle kicks off with an ominous atonal bassline drones and an acidic stab, the darker mood signifying a change in intent from Aoname. The intensity keeps rising; the bassline growls lower, the acid flourishes bloom into the subtlest melody and it reaches a classy crescendo before fading away and closing 2014 in the perfect way for Aus Music. Keep reaching for the stars, it's where you belong.

Bwana - Flute EP on AUS Music

Our Rating: 8/10


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