Soulphiction - Riot Party EP on Musik Krause

Words by: Alberto Moreno
Posted: 17/12/14 11:26
Soulphiction - Riot Party EP on Musik Krause

Michael Baumann - AKA Jackmate, AKA Soulphiction - returns with his latter moniker for a jam packed EP of rhythmic pleasures for Muzik Krause. Exploring familiar territory to his countless releases on Curle, Perlon, Playhouse and more, it's all about the warmth and the groove extracted from fuzzy, waning old analogue machines invoking the sounds and spirits of Detroit chug and house groove past.

The eerie and bizarre Ann Arbor - flanked by a scripted verse from the Electrifying Mojo - with this track creating an unfamiliar tone to the EP, the product of a meeting between Baumann and Iggy 'jamming in the studio'. Bass Jam uses that classic modulator, The Rhodes synth - as a root note, proffering a slow and low rhythm, distorted breaks and a woozy, slo-mo feel to the track.

'Attitude' is slightly tinged by acid techno, roughly cut effects and deep echoing layers for a slightly left of centre techno excursion, before Detox goes for a tough house beat, full of jack and vigour, magically turning the tough timbres of the track in a sunny side up houses track, full of shuffle, groove and stomping dance floor appeal.

Final track 'Riot Party' takes a chunky, distorted and darkly twisted approach, utilising whip-crack samples on the breaks and a plodding bassline throughout. Some more fine fare from Baumann and definitely not a run of the mill house record by any stretch of the imagination.

Soulphiction - Riot Party EP on Musik Krause

Our Rating: 8/10


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