Dave Seaman - Justified Replacement of Lulu Remixes EP on Selador Recordings

Words by: Tom Jones
Posted: 15/12/14 10:35
Dave Seaman - Justified Replacement of Lulu Remixes EP on Selador Recordings

For a man who has little to prove when it comes to running a record label, Dave Seaman has been quick to impress with his latest imprint. Selador, the burgeoning label he runs with Steve Parry was only launched in April last year but has already garnered plenty of critical acclaim as well as a substantial following. Following on from a steady stream of wide-ranging and creative underground house and techno releases, earlier this year they unleashed their very first compilation to rave reviews. A showpiece track from that very compilation, Dave Seaman’s very own “Justified Replacement of Lulu” gets a revisit here with four brand new remixes which look to have scored the label’s biggest success to date.

Rising talent Cristoph is the first to take on the original, turning in a more upfront, club version of the track featuring his trademark heavy bassline and stabbing synth parts. There is a jackin’ feel to his remix which adds pace to an already weighty bottom-end. The subtle melodies create the perfect interplay for the heady drive beneath. Brooklyn veteran Joeski’s rework is stripped back, subtle and slowly evolving. Building from a simple groove worked through precise drum patterns and a fluid bassline, the track patiently morphs into the more intoxicating aesthetic of Seaman’s original. Displaying a deft hand at shifting between between the gears, Joeski’s rework is a master class in the art of bending an original.

Next up, Marc Marzenit offers a wonderful and inimitable rework of his own. The Spaniard’s remix twists and turns throughout, journeying between deep house, driving techno, ambient and even touching on elements warehouse electro. The fact he manages to do this which such a coherent but wildly dynamic track is the true success here. The gentle melody is the only reminder of the original, wafting in like the remnants of the memory of a dream in what is the most far-flung of all four remixes. Raxon’s, by contrast, is the most club friendly, locking into an insatiable and relentless groove. Its wobbling bassline provides the backbone to the track as rapid-fire FX inject the energy and momentum.

Dave Seaman - Justified Replacement of Lulu Remixes EP on Selador Recordings
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Our Rating: 7.5/10


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