Roach Motel - The Night EP on Get Physical Music

Words by: Carl Thomson
Posted: 17/12/14 11:24
Roach Motel - The Night EP  on Get Physical Music

Germany's Get Physical Music stable are releasing a second classic cut from Roach Motel, an early moniker of British acid house royalty DJs Terry Farley and Pete Heller. When they re not compiling sprawling compendiums of the history of house music ( see: Acid Rain), playing sets around the world and being hailed as bastions of the scene, they're quantifying their unrivalled knowledge - both behind the decks and on the dancefloor - and coming up trumps with a follow up to their 'Wild Luv' EP packed with soul and reimagined context for a new, eager generation of house fans.

The original re familiarises the listener through its rhythmic jaunt, packed with old school acid house twists, with fresh remixes coming from moda honchos Jaymo and Andy George bringing in the rave stabs and chord progressions and a set of differing mixes from Tuff City Kids, including an organ heavy dub version, souped up '90s throwbacks and darker, heads down techno fare. The package is rounded off with Felix Da Housecat, adding extra- deep glamour and soul to the package.

A solid EP of respectful, worthy remixes that highlights a respected UK duo who've long been credited with knowing their house music inside out and back to front. Solid, warming stuff.

Roach Motel - The Night EP  on Get Physical Music

Our Rating: 7/10


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