Home @ Studio 338, Saturday 30th May - Party review

Words by: Henry McGraw
Posted: 9/6/15 14:21
Home @ Studio 338, Greenwich, Saturday 30th May - Party review

A crowd was gathering in London, and no, it wasn't an extensive amount of Arsenal fans praying for a win. With last years event causing such a stir within the scene, HOME have once again taken over Studio 338’s epic terrace and with one hell of a line up. Joining the likes of Cezar, Dan Andrei and Francesco Del Garda were Romanian trio RPR Soundsystem (Rhadoo, Pedro & Raresh). It's safe to say upon arrival I was feeling pretty pumped for what lay ahead.

Getting through the doors mid afternoon and after a scout of the multi-roomed, mutli-floored club we followed he fragrant smoke out to the food shacks and chill out area - a perfect way to kick off the nights antics. In contrast to the main acts, a mellow selection of deep, break-beat ambience was providing an essential backing to the sun soaked car park.

Feeling fresh we made our way into the infamous Studio 338 terrace where the sounds of Cezar had heads bobbing already and substantial and growing crowd was suitably 'warmed up'. The interior, if you haven't already experienced it, is like no other London club, dominated by trees and climbing plants all basked in sun light. It’s perfect for daytime shindigs and today was evidence of that. Dan Andre took over around 7 with a deeper and darker selection befitting of the darkening room.

After sunset RPR Soundsystem began their set after an impromptu bit of b2b fun with Dan Andre. Their presence on stage alone creates a buzz and more hands in the air and cheers followed. Passing around mini 20-minute sets the boys maintained the deeper, groovier vibes for a while, working around each others tracks and demonstrating not only the individual talent, but their synergy as a group. Playing until the early hours the set began to take a tougher direction around midnight, introducing the heavier rolling minimal sounds. They hold back their bigger tracks building and building before dropping dance floor weapons every so often.

They manage to create a tension and it makes the dance floor appreciate the changes, progression and drops so much more as a result. Heading towards sunrise, RPR worked together with the crowd, moving away slightly from the tougher edge and entering a calmer chapter, playing a number of melancholic releases to go hand in hand with imminent arrival of the natural light once again.

HOME seems to have found ‘home' once again at Studio 338. What a combination! They join forces again on Sunday 30th August so keep your eyes peeled.

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