Ten Walls' Homophobic Rant - How Does He Recover?

Words by: Mantis Kane
Posted: 11/6/15 7:43
Ten Walls' Homophobic Rant - How Does He Recover?

History is littered with specular falls from grace - foot in mouth episodes that have shattered careers in one ill fired belch of hot air. Ron Atkinson, Jeremy Clarkson, David Starky, Shabba Ranks and Mel Gibson all spewed regrettable rants and faced the media firing squad. Now one of dance music’s new stars, Marijus Adomaitis aka Ten Walls, has sabotaged a glittering career after being exposed for homophobic slurs. On his Facebook he informed us that homosexuals are a different "breed" and that in "the good 90s… these people of different breed where fixed."

Although just words, the whole situation is made more stark as it emanates from the liberal domain of dance music - typically a haven for racial, sexual and political passivity. Just as ironic as Rolf Harris and Jimmy Saville not being the sugary children’s entertainers we thought, Ten Walls is a homophobe operating in an industry whose roots sprouted from the gay house and disco scenes. It’s indignation of both the homophobia and his irreverence which have turned Ten Walls into a hot potato that no one wants to catch. His booking agency has severed ties, peers denounced him, Phonica Records cancelled his records and festivals are dumping him as if he’s going out of fashion - which he is. Like flared dungarees at a punk gig, he risked a royal kicking, and the Social Media gang have slipped on the knuckle dusters. Facebook, Twitter et al are perspiring hate, a tirade of disapproval snowballing this PR nightmare beyond repair - a career expiring in a blink of an eye. 

So how does he recover from this seemingly interminable descent? The actor Michael Richards who played Kramer in Seinfeld blurted a racist riposte to a heckler and instantly rendered himself unemployable. A life’s work overshadowed by the haze of momentary bigotry. A few wrong words, in the wrong order, turning this loveable lummox into a rabid Nazi, demonstrating the precarious world of celebratory and the power of a Youtube upload. He went underground, only emerging a few years later in Jerry Seinfeld's 'Comedian’s In Their Cars Getting Coffee’ - broken, vulnerable and shackled by the internet’s express justice system.  www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoLPLsQbdt0

Ten Wall’s only hope is a reinvention - an extreme makeover, plastic surgery and a new pseudonym. Then re-emerge from obscurity under a different guise - preferably on the gay circuit, unsuspected, living out his days in embittered redemption, in the eye of the beast. 'Fixed'. 

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