Vibe Killers - Call Cheeno EP on Killer Vibe

Words by: Henry McGraw
Posted: 17/8/15 10:40
Vibe Killers - Call Cheeno EP on Killer Vibe

The latest release on the burgeoning Killer Vibe label comes once again from label heads, the Vibe Killers, a talented duo whose techno vibes we’re most definitely digging of late. On the Call Cheeno EP they duly repeat the trick once more thanks to a two tracker that is full to the brim with unadulterated dancefloor moments, the likes of which are sure to provide some of the night’s more standout moments.

Up first we have “Cheeno”, which is a solidly produced mound of finely manipulated percussion and unique violin-sounding squelches that provide the gloss. An unusual track, it’s nonetheless an anthemic ride, and one that’s indicative of the pair’s preference for more banging textures.

Elsewhere we have “Dancin”, which is another unusual record and further proof of this pair’s off-kilter tropes. This time about it’s the vocal that provides most of the sparkle, while the popping beats that lurk underneath work in tandem, acting as a perfect foil. Quite where they got the vocal from we’re not sure - but it definitely helps lift the track’s atmosphere up a notch. If the more intricate side of the techno sphere is for you, chances are you’ll relish the goings on here.

Vibe Killers - Call Cheeno EP on Killer Vibe  |

Our Rating: 7/10



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