Various Artists - Collection E on Saved Records

Words by: Tom Jones
Posted: 3/9/15 8:50
Various Artists - Collection E EP on Saved Records

Now a decade on from first setting up shop, Nic Fanciulli’s Saved Records maintains the same dedication to dancefloor focused house and techno. Its clear vision and simple approach has enabled the label to outlast and indeed outshine many of its competitors over the last ten years. Throughout that time, their various artists sampler Collections have always encapsulated the makeup, feel and purpose of the label. Now as Saved release Collection E, we are provided with a succinct snapshot of the imprint’s priorities at the ten-year mark, namely emerging talent, increased diversity and the steadfast commitment to quality.

In a collection that really emphasizes Saved’s commitment to helping nurture fresh talent, producers such as James Organ, Javi Row, Julien Sandre and Leon Benesty standout with tracks full of originality and energy. The focus on young talent gives the whole collection an impassioned intensity that brings the label’s dancefloor credentials right to the fore. The fact that better known names such as Noir and Okain are included shows Saved’s ability to find balance amongst their samplers, with both producers turning in highly skilled, deftly arranged tracks for Collection E.

Exploring an interestingly diverse palette of electronic music here, Saved displays the ample dexterity amongst its ranks right now. From rolling techno to jacking house and onto old school rave, drum machine driven funk, sparse minimal tech, tribal percussion and driving techno, Collection E strides through a myriad of styles and tempos; all underpinned by a resoundingly underground attitude.

With its most impressive collection yet, Saved Records delivers the proud message that ten years into their journey, they are stronger than ever and perhaps more importantly, continue to look towards the future than resting on their laurels.  

Various Artists - Collection E  on Saved Records

Our Rating: 8/10


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