Javier Orduña: "No simulation, all real analogue..."

Words by: Mantis Kane
Posted: 4/11/15 9:02
Interview with Spanish DJ & Producer Javier Orduña

Javier Orduña is one of the most prolific and respected producers to come out of Spain. He has released music with records labels like Rumors, Viva Music, Moda Black, Visionquest, Amam and run his own labels Nightcolours and Pong Musiq.

We only showed each other our new tracks, & some of them we liked so much that we decided when the time was right we’d collaborate...As debut collaborations go, Javier Orduña and his close friend Upercent have announced themselves with a full orchestral fanfare. Their three tracks EP - La Familia (Moda Black) - is out on 20 November, and deliver a brilliantly moody trip into deep and tech-house.  The production and intricacy of this EP is high calibre stuff, having the melodic arrangement and groove to keep both the dance-floor and home listeners happy; a rare feat. We spoke to Javier ahead of the release.

Tell us about the new EP
The new EP is the first one of the upcoming releases with Upercent. We were keen to work together for about two years. At first it was not really a collaboration; we only showed each other our new tracks, and some of them we liked so much that we decided when the time was right we’d collaborate. From that moment until now, there has been so much work done and our project will see the light on Moda Black.

Was there an inspiration behind the EP?
Yes, Jose (Upercent) is always listening new music, and watching new things for inspiration, and this was really important our music. In this first EP I was more focused on the beat and the sound, and Jose in most of the melodies. I think Jose will know better than me where the inspiration comes from, because for me the inspiration was just the moment, the feelings I have every day are different and affect my music differently.

How does the collaboration work?
We work over the internet. We speak every day, on Skype and the phone. It’s really important to communication, and Upercent is really professional and strict, so I need to speak all time, 24 hours a day! And is really easy, we use different programs (DAWS), but it does not matter, because we send audio bounces and we work with this.

Your sound is quite intricate - reminds me a bit of Trentemoller - who are your influences?
Thanks!! I LOVE TRENTEMOLLER… But my influences are Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, Paco de Lucia, Fugazi, Gregory Issacs, Jhon Holt, Pixies, Descendents, Mill Davis, Joy Division, Bauhaus, Toreros after Ole, La polla records, Eskorbuto, Theo Parris, Surgeon, Aphex Twin, Authecre, Depeche Mode, Alton Ellis, Discharge, Larry Heard, The Cure, Black Flag, Moodymann, Bambino, Spermbirds, Maurizio, Bohannon, Monolake (Robert Henke), Four Tet, Burial, Nicholas Jarr, Dilated People, 2Pac, Gang Starr, Dj Shadow, Thom Yorke, etc...   

No simulation, all real analogue. I have been working with analogue hardware machines from the beginning, & I will use analogue until I die...Your sound is quite analogue - is this simulation, or do have a lot of outboard equipment?
No simulation, all real analogue. I have been working with analogue hardware machines from the beginning, and I will use analogue until I die. For sure I use samples too - I just work on it in digital in the DAW but the rest is analogue.

The important reason I work in analogue is because I love to touch buttons and I love how they sound, you can use more the distortion because it allows nice harmonics and this in digital is not possible because the digital over-clipping, and you can add more resonance to the filters and all this shits, hahahahahahaha. 

If you could keep one piece of studio equipment? 
My Universal Audio and my MFB Tanzbar.

 Javier Orduña and his close friend Upercent
Javier Orduña & Upercent

If you could ban something from dance music what would it be?
The racist or homophobic behaviour… just this… with respect, tolerance and humility all is good in dance music.

What's been the highlight of the summer season?
Play in Ibiza at the RUMOURS party with Guy Gerber and Christian Burkhardt.

Did you play much in Ibiza?
Not much, this summer I have been playing at Space with Edu Imbernon and Henry Saiz and the Rumours party in Beachclub, but that’s all.

What's next production wise? 
I’m working in a new EP with Chaim, and more stuff with Upercent, and I have another big collaboration Ep with my brother Alexi Delano, and in one month I release my new EP at Rumours, Guy Gerber label. 

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