Davis - This Time With You EP on Soul Clap Records

Words by: Henry McGraw
Posted: 4/11/15 8:35
Davis - This Time With You EP on Soul Clap Records

Davis is one of the many great new acts to be emerging from the ever better Brazilian dance scene. Here he gets a leg up by the Soul Clap boys who put out his excellent four tracks EP This Time With You on their well to-do label. It features a host of guest collaborators and a remix from Inkwell that will bring summer back to your wintery heart in no time.

It is hard to pick a winner here but opener This Time With You is awash with beach chords, slowly stepping drums and rich vocals that lend it an irresistible air of sun kissed funk. The Inkswell remix is a more broken beat, slowed down affair that places emphasis on the vox and well defined kick drums. Both are stellar cuts. Ethnic is then a nice brew of atmospheric vox, bird calls, sleigh bells and languid pianos that really makes you want to dance a slow and sexy late night dance.

Last but not least, gear freaks with love Juno Ballad, which is a real exploration of the Juno synth that makes for really musical, uplifting listening. Few producers out there at the moment can actually cook up genuinely artistic and musical beats, but Davis proves with this EP that he is one of them.

Davis - This Time With You EP on Soul Clap Records

Our Rating: 7.5/10


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