Sigha - Pluralism EP on Blueprint

Words by: Paul Corey
Posted: 14/12/15 7:58
Sigha - Pluralism EP on Blueprint

It’s never that much of a valid exercise to get too deep into the realm of track or release titles, as it often feels like artists decide these by using a pin or a cut-up. However, even if the title of Sigha’s latest release proves irrelevant in the final analysis, at least it makes one aware of an aspect of sound which is normally overlooked, taken for granted or goes unnoticed when discussing certain genres.

Range and diversification are always important in any package, let alone a techno one, so it’s always satisfying when a producer spreads his or her wings and offers something different across three tracks in a controlled and confident manner. Thus we get the glitchy, crystalline edges and hollow thud of the title track, the menacing machine throb and stuttering momentum of ‘Desire’, and the concave gaseous beats of ‘Demonstration’.

Understated with variable tones, textures and sheen, this is a release which eponymously delivers, its reductive approach paying off. ‘Desire’ is the standout track for me, it’s less rigid structure giving more scope for development, albeit hermetic.

Sigha - Pluralism EP on Blueprint  |

Our Rating: 7/10


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