Differ-Ent (By DJ Bone) - M.O.M. EP on Don't Be Afraid

Words by: Paul Corey
Posted: 9/12/15 9:19
Differ-Ent (By DJ Bone) - M.O.M. EP on Don't Be Afraid

For his second release on Semtek’s Don’t Be Afraid under his Differ-ent nom de plume, DJ Bone lays down the law with two extended cuts which should maximize the wear and tear of any stylus worth its clout. It’s been a year since he launched Differ-ent and this is his only release of the last calendar year besides ‘It’s All About’, which came out on Leftroom.

His lack of activity in 2015 isn’t that surprising when his mother’s death in April, from cancer, is taken into account. M.O.M. was written in memory of her and even though it comes with typical robustness, it’s hard to ignore a wistfulness and corresponding passion throughout its length, which only becomes more emphatic towards the end. ‘The Final Driver’ feels like it should. A metallic shuttle across some imagined floodlit thoroughfare that glitters and pulsates with subdued insect menace.

Both tracks are impeccable examples of their genre. Atmospheric, expressive, moving and imbued with a deeper significance that, no matter how often they are heard, will carry the listener and dancer to a time and place slightly beyond reality. Bone wrote that ‘M.O.M.’ “is THE most personal track I’ve ever released...”, giving even more range to its soulfulness and sincerity.

Differ-Ent (By DJ Bone) - M.O.M. EP on Don't Be Afraid
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Our Rating: 8/10


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