Motech & Friends: "The main purpose is to push new exciting artist & sounds"

Words by: Errol Leslie
Posted: 14/12/15 12:16
Motech & Friends

Detroit’s influence on electronic music goes way beyond the city itself. Its many producers and DJ’s have performed in clubs around the world, spreading the creativity and forward thinking attitude of their home town across the globe;  Franki Juncaj AKA Dj 3000 with his Motech Records imprint is one of them. I Voice recently caught up recently with Franki to takes an in-depth look at the latest offering from the label, Motech & Friends Compilation.

Motech main purpose is to push new exciting artist & sounds & always been this way since day!..Talking about Motech the label... What was the driving force behind it and did you have a specific vision for it?
Motech main purpose is to push new exciting artist and sounds and always been this way since day! Since me and my best friend Shawn Snell started the label in 2001 we wanted to focus on pushing music we love no matter the genre or artist. Of course Motech mainly is a Techno label but we do some other style but mainly we gravitate towards Techno. The music I producer under my DJ 3000 name I tend to focus on more Detroit style techno with a touch of ethnic flavor because of my Albanian background. Sometimes people have a misunderstanding of the label thinking we only do ethnic style techno music but if you look over the catalog we are really varied in sound.

I would have to say recently over the past two years we been pushing more straight up raw techno but still keeping it funky as we did early on when we started the label. We been really paying close attention over the past two years and we find that there is a gap in the market for this because everyone is doing banging techno with no soul and that is super super super boring, so we are on a mission to fill the void with new exciting artist!!

We been really paying close attention over the past two years & we find that there is a gap in the market for this because everyone is doing banging techno with no soul..Tell us about how you selected the tracks, was there a process and how long did it take?
I decided to ask close friends of Motech and veteran artist and also new artist to the label for songs for a new compilation to give everyone a taste in the sound that we do. This 10 track compilation I think shows a good range from people like Mikael Klasson who is now a staple to Motech and very very excited about him to new Detroit artist Marcus Whitted, Gerome Sportelli is a good friend of mine so we had to have him on there also Greg Gow, Shawn Snell (co-founder of Motech), Veronique Page from the Nethelands to name a few.

The process was simple really I just asked the Motech family for new songs for the comp and this is the 10 songs that came out of it. The Motech artist and friends are really good about making their best music for Motech because I’m a tough critic because if it shit its shit!! I would have liked to have more but time and scheduling was always an issue.

Do you have any favourite tracks that we should know about?
My favourite track on the compilation is Mikael Klasson "Mo Bass Mo Tech". He just has a nice original sound that’s touch but yet keeping it funky and I think he really is coming into his own right now and it’s exciting! He has another Motech EP to drop later in the spring so look out for that.

And lastly what does the future hold for Motech, any other releases, shows or anything else exciting coming up next?
The future for Motech is very exciting right now I have a new 12inch coming out in March with a remix from Truncate, we signed a new artist Subradeon from Italy with two great EPs, long time Motech producer Lionel Weets has two new EPs, Module One is another great artist and I am finishing up a few more 12inches for Motech!

Motech & Friends
Various Artists
Title: Motech & Friends
Label: Motech Records
01. Greg Gow - La Isla Mujeres
02. Mikael Klasson - Mo Bass Mo Tech
03. P-Ben - Time on Table
04. Gerome Sportelli - Dearborn
05. DJ 3000 - Avant
06. Pedro Cali - Short Circuit
07. Terhagan - Estrella
08. Shawn Snell - Hooked
09. Marcus Whitted - Slipstream
10. Veronique Page - The Winter Garden

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