Jerome Pacman - Wisdom EP on LAATE Records

Words by: Paul Corey
Posted: 21/12/15 8:14
Jerome Pacman  - Wisdom EP on LAATE Records

This release, along with his ‘Merry Go Round EP’ earlier this year, marks something of a comeback for Jerome Pacman, one of French house’s key figures in the early nineties, but someone who was last on my radar when he contributed to ‘Bad Acid Vol. 1’ on Music For Freaks in 2004.

So it’s good to hear that a lack of presence in the studio hasn’t resulted in Monsieur Pacman losing his knack for what makes a dance floor tick. Inhabiting the linear foundations of mixology, these three tracks work on a slightly different level to each other and are all eminently useful.

3 For You’ is defined by a flanged guitar, nimble beats and distant vocal snippets. ‘Tiwananku’ is deep sea dub house at its finest. Composed of nothing more than an insistent beat surrounded by a sub-aquatic ambience, it’s the stand out track for me. ‘Quiet Understand’ makes use of a vocal loop over a respiratory, other-worldly rhythm which, because of its irregularity remains unpredictable.

With the Parisian scene resurgent, it’s timely that one of its founding fathers is reestablishing himself in a confident, assured way. Pacman was always one of the more underground of French artists/DJs, so it’s good to see that the passage of time hasn’t dimmed his outlook.

Jerome Pacman  - Wisdom EP on LAATE Records  |

Our Rating: 8/10


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