Just Be - Logical Thinking EP on Leftroom

Words by: Mantis Kane
Posted: 5/1/16 9:56

Just Be - Logical Thinking EP on Leftroom

Leftroom has been in business for 10 years, building itself a stalwart of the underground tech/deep house scene. If you’ve not heard of the label, then your ear is far from the ground.

Just Be is the artist formerly known as Bushwacka!, or Matthew Benjamin to his mother. And the similarities to Prince don’t end there. Just as Prince pushed the boundaries of musicality by redefining pop music, Just Be is ever experimenting with the parameters of dance music.

Logical Synching has a minimal groove, with wobble board effects, all punctuated by chunky Deadmouse-esque chord stabs. I know what you’re thinking: he’s sold out… But hold judgement.

In the wrong ears this could be mistaken for cheesemongery - but electronic music connoisseurs will pick up on just the right amount of discord to move it into the wonky zone of underground credibility.

It’s clever trick, almost satirising all those cheap EDM hooks we’re subjected to on an daily basis. A masterful in-joke to for all us ‘heads’. Either that, or he’s sold out.

Just Be - Logical Thinking EP on Leftroom
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Our Rating: 8/10
(10/10 for satirical impression)


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