Pezzner - Last Night In Utopia Remixes EP on Systematic Recordings

Words by: Carl Thomson
Posted: 22/12/15 9:15
Pezzner - Last Night In Utopia Remixes EP on Systematic Recordings

US tech house mastermind Pezzner teamed up with the ever impressionable Systematic Recordings to release his last album Last Night in Utopia, way back in 2013. The tracks have still been causing uproar on dancefloors worldwide, so it only seems like a further testament that the label end their own personally triumphant year, and continue the great work of the US star DJ (who this year launched his DIY Hunt & Gather label), with a set of remixes that pull in names from across dance music's wide remit, including Timo Maas, Raw District and Fred Everything besides others. Add to that the album itself is nearly 3 years old, and you get the picture that the remixes were meant to be treated as equally as important as the original tracks themselves.

Pezzner's unique, sinewy sound flits between the realms of deep house and melodic, groove laden techno and the producer's choice of remixers at times take the music away from Pezzner's realm completely. Timo Maas brings his trademark progressive deep take on house on his version of 'I Forgot' that tingles the spine with its deep aesthetics and bumping structure.

Fred Everything makes a rare appearance for two interpretations of a secret album track, Prey. The first - titled re-do – is a synthy, deep and rolling number, beautifully crafted with subtly hit pads and synth stabs and warm radiating sub bass; later down the line, his ’re-beat' notches up the tone and tempo, focusing efforts on beats and drum timbres rather than atmospherics and deep emotions, for a more mechanistic, hypnotic techno groove, with acid effects and percussion dotted around this floor bound banger.
Raw District take on Give It Up featuring Sam Mollinson, starting with airy stabs, slight guitar strums and clipped percussive ticks, before the tempo gradually builds up, before dropping with snapping drums and an off kilter rhythm. It's a pity that vocals are a little too off key for the track, but the '90s RnB soul/Babyface feeling of the original's romantic edge still shines through.

Andre Hommen re-rubs an instrumental version of One Up, stripping it back into a bleeping, subdued and low-fi tropical house floor banger, while wobbling and pressurized basslines notch up the tempo and key of the track as it morphs into a cosmic-laced disco trip with pulsing Arps and melodic top lines taking flight; this shift makes for one of the highlights of the remix collection.

Finally, Hanssen finish off the EP with their remix of the cheesily titled All Night Dancing Party, which contains the unashamed, fervently feel-good factor that runs through the work of Soul Clap's edits, cheeky disco claps, vocal pitch bending, break-downs and slinking, sexy melodies, guitar riffs and uplifting chords.

Pezzner - Last Night In Utopia Remixes EP on Systematic Recordings  |

Our Rating: 8/10


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