Basti Grub - Green Holiday EP on This and That

Words by: Carl Thomson
Posted: 24/12/15 9:38
Basti Grub - Green Holiday EP on This and That

Davide Squillace's 'art house' label This and That have recruited deep tech deviant Basti Grub with his Green Holiday EP complete with neon green artwork and more deep, rolling bars that carry on the fine form of his 2015 hit Summer of Tearz.

Basti gets A Little Lost as the EP opens, a long drawn, 10 minute composition that builds from it's slow thud of grinding, mechanical breaks that unfold over a finely tuned sub bass rhythm and chanting, hypnotic vocals. Following on from this epic opening marker, I Need You Now deconstructs house music's iconic Can't Hold Back vocal, over tick-tock swing and finger clicking, snapping percussion.  

Basti's next admission, All I Need Is To Be High Sometimes moves away from the gospel tinged, uplifting vibes of the previous track – soft pads and tinkering percussion are juxtaposed by vast stabs of grinding, shooting bass, starting with high octane precision from that start for another 10 minute long deviation, that twists and turns throughout it's duration. It's mix of deep house aesthetics and gilded-edged techno FX stop it from seeming too long winded and introverted, as a track of this length can often feel like.  

After a stripped back and relatively shorter version from Lee Van Dowski, turning up the tempo and adding plenty of techno chunk and rolling groove to the formula, Basti collaborates with Mike Trend for send off Watching You. A shuffling percussive groove gradually morphs into an unrelenting mechanical rhythm, snaking and grooving with an attitude laden swing as lashing of cow-bell and percussion are spread over the track. A fine finish to a unique and out-of-the-box collection of house grooves, and another fine addition to Squillace's roster too.

Basti Grub - Green Holiday EP on This and That

Our Rating: 7.5/10


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