Artifact - Cry EP on Halocyan

Words by: Paul Corey
Posted: 13/1/16 9:14

Artist: Artifact - Title: Cry EP - Label: Halocyan

Ryan Bonfield, aka Artifact, certainly likes his grooves lively and driving, and this unashamedly peak-time offering is just that. However, there’s little else of note spread across the four original mixes of each track; just a very determined effort on the part of each to get from A to B in the fastest, funkiest way possible.

I like small bits, here and there; the rimshots and sparse bass on ‘Ebbed’, the general momentum of ’Cry’, the intermittent rush of sound on ‘Voice’ and the concave, bursting bounce of ‘Compulse’, but generally the production leaves me a little cold and feels very formulaic and predictable. The Gunnar Haslam remix of ‘Voice’ is the most interesting thing here, and a radical departure from everything else tempo-wise; but even his interpretation, which stretches one sonic element of the original, could have gone out on a limb more.

These tracks will work very well and have great energy, but feel one-dimensional and limited. The remix adds to the package, but stays in the same groove throughout and is, for me at least, a missed opportunity.

Artifact - Cry EP on Halocyan

Our Rating: 4.5/10


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