Bas Amro - Imposter Persona EP on Wolfskuil Ltd

Words by: Paul Corey
Posted: 18/1/16 8:12

Bas Amro - Imposter Persona EP on Wolfskuil Ltd

With a sound that is “hard to describe” according to his RA bio, Bas Amro would appear to be keeping his cards close to his chest. This almost certainly refers just as much to the fact that he has chosen to release across a range of imprints, as put out a small, but interesting body of work, which might sonically distinguish itself from similar output.

I’m clearly trying too hard to pigeonhole, so let’s concentrate on what we have here. As a whole, this release is very subtle and understated, the three tracks when played in order growing in intensity but hardly to a crescendo. There is a tangible feeling of development, which owes itself more to the many abstract sounds that float around the unifying percussion of each piece than anything else. There is a deftness to Amro’s production that distinguishes it from his peers and allows him, on this release at least, to straddle the gap between deep house and techno while bringing something new to the table.

Both ‘Imposter Persona’ and ‘Dissociation’ choose to muddy the percussion slightly, and the pervading feel is melancholic, the many ambient synthetic swirls within their respective air-spaces emphasizing this. That isn’t to say the general moodiness doesn’t continue in ‘Defensive’ but the sound is a bit more robust and strident. This is marginal music for the graveyard shift, and if that’s a definition well, what of it?

Bas Amro - Imposter Persona EP on Wolfskuil Ltd  |

Our Rating: 8/10


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