Greeko - Black Panther EP on Alfa Romero

Words by: Tom Jones
Posted: 4/1/16 12:08
Artist: Greeko - Title: Black Panther EP - Label: Alfa Romero

Innovative, young producer Greeko makes his Alfa Romero debut with a typically dark and fuzzy cut that comes with plenty of attitude. Locked into a powerful groove but never overbearing, the talented producer delivers another adept dancefloor track that appreciates the nuances of the 8am floor. 

Black Panther is an atmospheric house strut that has some deceptively energetic drum rhythms. Dark, intense and woven with subtle melodies, the track has a hidden underbelly beneath its laidback façade. Old school synth flashes whizz across the top as stretched, warm pads glide throughout. The grumbling bass and scratchy drums create an urban soundscape that matches the impressive video that the Alfa Romero guys have produced to go along with it. A highly matured sound from a distinctive producer with a big future, Black Panther feels at once vintage and forward thinking.

On the flip, dynamic Berliner Philip Bader delivers a typically upfront and energetic cut for his remix.  This rework is all about the drive, with snapping 808s, bulging bass and pumping 4/4s surging the track onwards. Bader’s unmistakable love of jazzy electronics is at play once again, adding a delicious curiosity to a track that already packs an almighty wallop.  

Greeko - Black Panther EP on Alfa Romero |
Our Rating: 8/10


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