Taron-Trekka - Black Magic EP on Freude Am Tanzen

Words by: Henry McGraw
Posted: 11/1/16 9:21

Taron-Trekka - Black Magic EP on Freude Am Tanzen

Freude am Tanzen finish off the year in fine style with the Black Magic EP from label mainstays and all round mysterious German duo Taron-Trekka. Black Magic – with it's voodoo overtones and mystique shining in abundance – goes for a spellbinding trip through left of centre house with gradual shifts in tone, texture and pitch.

Title track Black Magic starts with fragile and out of key synth melodies, fractured and splintered in their delivery atop dainty pads and finger clicking hi hats, layering percussion, bass and echoes as the pace progressively grows more urgent, into a quirky, yet utterly digestible romp.

Monofiles' singular dusty, break heavy groove goes on loop, layering up tempo and tampered versions of the groove to create a poly-rhythmic piece that contains the swing and clarity, but feels like it never reaches anything close to an ample conclusion.

However, things get chunkier and more floor bound on Red, filling in the void spaces between notes with deep basslines and resonating drum timbres, doused in shifting, echo-melodies that are reminiscent of Detroit after-hours haunts, resonating and echoing into the night with it's gorgeous melodies and uplifting spirit.

Closing up shop for the label and the EP is Distance, another softer jam in a jazzy, Herbert-esque feel, with lots of woodblock percussion and twinkling chimes. Fidgeting synths and swooping arial atmospherics fly over ticking rim-hits as the track darts out from within the shadows. Serious left of centre and wholly original house music. 

Taron-Trekka - Black Magic EP on Freude Am Tanzen
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Our Rating: 8/10


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