Simoncino - Dream States EP on Syncrophone

Words by: Joe Gamp
Posted: 10/2/16 10:15

Artist: Simoncino - Title: Dream States EP - Label: Syncrophone

L.I.E.S affiliate Simoncino presents his release for the ever popular Syncrophone label as he mixes glassy, shimmering synths and driving, pulsating, dub techno traits on his ‘Dream States’ EP.

Title track 'Dream States' sets the tone with its melodic, rumbling and gnashing wall of bass, it's snapping double ticks on the 4th beat and gradually unfolding, rising cloud atmospheres adding depth and juxtaposition to the restless producer's sound.
More life affirming, gentle and widescreen atmospheric melodies rise to the surface like a plume of smoke, while roughly carved beats, clipped and pressurised, add to the space in between the beats, giving the track a dynamic quality that allows for plenty of breathing space. A gradually building acid synth line is tickling the edges as it brings some heads down, analogue soul to the tides of emotive atmosphere.

Those light and positive atmospheres have been ditched for a stiff, intense and futuristic journey on Kidd Aura, with electric string and glassy, morphed hypnotic mid-range synth lines offering a portal to a closer, darker side of Simoncino's personality, showing his trademark juxtaposition with moments of fragile beauty in its delicate formation.

Cecila stands to be the most overtly leftfield of the collection, mixing hazy and lo-fi production with razor sharp techno stabs and bubbling, automated drum patterns. One minute drifting and floating, the next coming on strong with a high-impact, dropping kick drum, Cecila's driving pace and wall-of-sound aesthetics bring a futuristic, electro tinged track reminiscent of Juan Atkins and Metroplex.
Techno Morning releases a solid kicking base drum, but with gradually uplifting, juxtaposed atmospheres giving the track life as it wakes up from a slumber. The end cut on the EP is by far the most immediate and punchy, and its weighty sub bass is a memorable trait to this nicely crafted EP.

Simoncino - Dream States EP on Syncrophone  |

Our Rating: 8/10


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