Gravity Thailand - Arcadia’s ‘Bangkok Takeover’ - 23/01/16 - Review

Words by: Tom Ashford
Posted: 11/2/16 8:14

Gravity Thailand - Arcadia’s ‘Bangkok Takeover’ - 23rd January 2016 - Review

The ‘festival season’ as we have known it for so many years is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. As we (most of us at least) were once limited by financial restraint to going to domestic festivals, the festival world is increasingly at the tips of our fingers. Cheap flights and package deals mean we can hit up some of the beautiful and extraordinary places on the planet for a good old shakedown. 

Arcadia’s ‘Bangkok Takeover’ is just one of those places and showed exactly why it is fast on its way to being a big name, holding down a spot on everyone’s calendar.

Thailand, and particularly its beaches, is known around the world for their huge parties, catering to every kind of EDM head imaginable. And now for only the third time, the Arcadia guys brought their legendary spider to Bangkok for one night only, along with as good a line-up as you’re likely to find on the EDM festival calendar. DJ Bl3nd, Mustdie and the legendary Kaskade were all set to climb into the metallic beast that is the Arcadia spider.

Gravity Thailand - Arcadia’s ‘Bangkok Takeover’ - 23rd January 2016 - Review

The spider itself is becoming synonymous with the most hardcore of EDM parties, establishing itself as a regular fixture at many European festivals. Its huge black menacing legs encompass huge swathes of the crowd while fireballs shoot from all directions at those surrounding it. It’s not just the pyrotechnics, but an amazing visual show and incredible 360-degree sound system make it a full on assault on the senses.

The usually tranquil Lumphini Park was where the spider was set up, and once we got there, it was clear what sort of vibes the festival organisers wanted to throw down. There was already a massive crowd in and around the enormous arachnid, and as DJ Bl3nd began proceedings with some of his trademark no nonsense slammers, the crowd went suitably mad. Bl3nd set was what some might call eclectic, as he remixed anything from Linken Park to Europe’s ‘Final Countdown’. You might not normally associate these tunes with EDM, but with some fearsome drops and white noise build up, the crowd loved it.

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Following on from him was Mustdie who, with his heavy, deep, angry dubstep was spot on for the frenzied crowd. With every banger dropped, more hands jumper even higher.

DDBVS had a hard act to follow but, adopting the DJ / MC dynamic successfully used by many; they maintained the delirium with an electric set. Their call for the crowd to “put your middle finger up” was responded to in kind by the ecstatic crowd.

Last but certainly not last was EDM legend Kaskade. The spider, the pyrotechnics, the visual and Kaskade seem made for each other – on paper this looked like an amazing cocktail. It was sweeter than we could have even expected. This may be a festival in its infancy, but based on this showing, it’s here to stay.

Gravity Thailand - Arcadia’s ‘Bangkok Takeover’ - 23/01/16 - Review

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