Various Artists - Robsoul Edits - Sebo K EP on Robsoul Recordings

Words by: Joe Gamp
Posted: 17/2/16 12:44

Various Artists - Title: Robsoul Edits - Sebo K EP - Label: Robsoul Recordings

Phil Weeks has lined up a special crew of edit masters for his new Robsoul Edits series, featuring tweaked, chopped and funkified cuts from the label that are as worthy of your attention as the original tracks themselves. Having already enjoyed the first collection from Around7, the second instalment is curated by Berliner, Watergate resident and all round lovely chap Sebo K, who was granted permission to rife through the Robsoul back catalogue for some ripe edit material.

First up he takes on RaSoul's True Science, a funky, sunshine drenched house track led by bongo rhythms and crunching, glassy percussion and steel drum samples adding swing and fluctuating groove, before a big cosmic synth bassline arp's its way into the fore  - Todd Terje would definitely be proud of this one.

Gemini's Where Do I Go - with its analogue scatter beat drum patterns and double kick on the 4th beat - offers a 4x4, stepping flavour, while chopped and EQ'd vocals add to the funky swing; a brilliant, jacking track full of joy and zest. Next, he brings the same sunshine bongo vibes, interwoven with a thick and fat kick drum and wobbling bass on JT Donaldson's 'Make You High’.

One of the EP's standouts is a loop-tastic edit of Nail's 'Together', given a plucky, finger snapping disco workout, full of gorgeous swelling tones and funky stepping beats. Straight up feel good fare for the peak of the party. After the party dies down slightly, No Assembly Firm come in with WBMX. Sebo keeps the crisp and minimal structure going with swathes of warming tones and punchy beats, before Sebo takes on Phil Weeks' own, Moby-esque Slow Dance, but it's given a ruff rerub, with galloping pace and fist pumping, chubby cheek inducing rhythm and growling basslines.

Finally, it’s the turn of Detroit hero Rick Wade to get the re rub treatment from Mr K, the Berliner getting his magic mitts all over Wade's 'Player's Theme', taking things back to a slower and sexier pace. Those bouncing bongos return with skipping, galloping beats and pressurised ticks as '90s-esque breakdown and cymbal crashes are re-worked in the mix, while delays and echo effects are lain on top for a sassy disco finale. This awesome EP is worthy of sitting in any 'best of' edits list and proves that the art is far from dead. Give credit to the edit, indeed.

Various Artists - Robsoul Edits - Sebo K EP on Robsoul Recordings  |

Our Rating: 9/10


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