Access All Areas with B.A.R.E (Be A Rare Exception)

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Access All Areas with B.A.R.E (Be A Rare Exception)  - Interview with co-founder Jnr Windross

B.A.R.E (Be A Rare Exception) have been bubbling up for a minute. In that time the London party has roamed around a number of venues but has made its mark on each. They have partied at fabric, have some great core values and soon step up in size with their third birthday at Oval Space on March 5th. The brand also puts out its own line of apparel—worn by house legend Kerri Chandler, no less— and often puts on themed parties. Here, co-founder Jnr Windross takes some time out to chat all things B.A.R.E. and gives us a real insight into the operation as well as some great tales from the last few years.

It began as a small monthly party on Brick Lane at the infamous Vibe Bar— with a love of music bringing people together...Firstly, introduce yourself, your BARE brand and what you are all about, when and why you started and so on.
Jnr Windross - DJ/producer and founder of BARE — an ever-growing movement and London-based collective that spread the global message, to Be A Rare Exception. It began as a small monthly party on Brick Lane at the infamous Vibe Bar— with a love of music bringing people together, friends meeting friends, strangers turned friends, and through many shared moments that can only be described as magic, has grown through basements, art galleries, warehouses, clubs and festivals.

Where does BARE come from? Why call yourselves that, what inspired it?
B.A.R.E. is an acronym from Be A Rare Exception, inspired with the belief that there is a new-age world of opportunities for anyone who has the courage to be their most authentic self! We’re not all the same, we’re certainly not robots, and we don’t all fit the mould; there is only one you, so be the best you and only you can be!

B.A.R.E. is an acronym from Be A Rare Exception

Tell us about the events you put on, what’s the vibe, who do you look to attract, who should come, how do they differ from the norm, what gap do you plug?
We’re for the dreamers and believers… the feeling you get when you step inside BARE is special, you know when it just feels right… happy dancing people, open, sharing and embracing! We have our own way of doing things, the collective that make up BARE are diverse; ideas flow, creativeness is the output and we simply strive to put on Earth the best gathering/rave/party or whatever you wish to call it! Good people, good music, and good vibes.

The feeling you get when you step inside BARE is special, you know when it just feels right… happy dancing people, open, sharing and embracing!What we’re about:

1) A diverse gathering of people from all walks of life dancing, smiling, connecting and uniting through freedom of expression!

2) Our own sound, style and vibe - the ‘BARE Bounce’ is a term that fast became synonymous with the infectiousness of BARE’s sound; infectious bass lines, rhythmic melodies, and happy uplifting vibes that leave a soulful euphoric taste… house, techno with an occasional reference back to garage… dancing vibes!

3) Full production with every corner of the room covered; creating new weird and wonderful realms to inspire the mind; encourage imagination and free inhibitions.  

What have been the biggest challenges over the last 3 years, the highs, the lows, the problems and obstacles?
Biggest Challenges – Creating a legal party for our guests to enjoy as an experience is a priority, and doing this in safe/reputable venues is paramount. Due to an increase in developments, venue availability is definitely getting less and less.

Highs - Secret Garden Party… here we had one of the most pivotal moments with BARE to date; a 3000 capacity stage, tremendous amounts of rain & mud, many friends from all over supporting - many of whom new to the BARE experience - the connection to the crowd, the roars of excitement, and electric atmosphere made moments that I’m sure so many will remember for years to come!

Access All Areas with B.A.R.E (Be A Rare Exception)

You hosted a room at Fabric on NYD. Talk us through it - one of the most revered clubs on the planet, how did you make it your own?
Our Fabric show NYD was an amazing start to the year… the room was literally rockin’ from start to finish, and with a dance fuelled dance floor and full production throughout, we definitely left our stamp — stars, drapes, lanterns and lights completely transformed Room 2 into a hedonistic haven… I don’t believe that’s ever heard of in Fabric, but we did it, and it went down a treat— our presence was felt, welcomed, and celebrated… it was a pleasure!

As promoters how different are indoor and outdoor events, how much different planning do they take, do they appeal to different ounces? How do you adapt?
If it’s warm enough, being outdoors is great— to dance with no roof, no walls, or no shoes ;) well there’s an even greater sense of freedom and liberation! Especially in the UK… when the sun comes out a natural wave of happiness radiates everywhere! But with weather being the biggest factor, aside from large festivals, it doesn’t happen enough… imagine a BARE outside in the woods ☺

3rd Birthday - Temple of the Lost Tribe

You have a party at Oval Space soon which is something of a step up in size - why o? What will you do differently?
It just felt like the next step… if you don’t take risks you will never know what success or failure feels like— you become complacent! So for us, it felt like the right time to step up and take things to the next level, to expand the experience and put on an incredible show… Oval Space being a great stage to present this, we all can’t wait!

Be A Rare Exception… the collection was designed to spread the message even further!You also have a link of apparel, right? I hear Kerri Chandler sports it? How did that come about, what it like, what’s the ethos?
Yes that’s right; carrying the ethos Be A Rare Exception… the collection was designed to spread the message even further! Initially for the collective to wear, after having some limited tees designed, they proved popular, and we just kept receiving emails asking for them. Whilst I was wearing them all over the place, people would always come up to me, saying “Be A Rare Exception”, and I realised they resonate...

A very good friend invited Kerri down to one of our parties after his set at Love Box, he came, loved what BARE is doing  and really felt our vibe... so when we saw him wearing it at Circo Loco at ADE, we were over the moon! To have such a legend sporting our vision is incredible...ever since, he’s supported and provided advice…. He’s such a nice guy with a big heart!

Check them out, available at our brand new website

Why do you like theme parties so much? Where did you get the idea? What have been the best so far?
There can be very much a serious and divided nature when it comes to house music in London— I love music first and foremost, I’ve studied it, but I enjoy it most through feeling.

With BARE creating new realms, we can open hearts and expand minds!With BARE creating new realms, we can open hearts and expand minds! When we first started introducing some décor to Vibe Bar, it really sprinkled a flavour of fun, and for us, this is what going out should be! It’s a Saturday night... a night for happiness and expression; quality underground music with like-minded people, having fun, dancing, free…

That, and if being honest, it gives me the possibility to explore different sounds and styles to a given theme, I like the diversity it gives my creativity!

Tell us about the theme for your birthday, how did you come up with it? What do you hope people will come as and what extra production will you put on to match the theme?
Hahaha, we like a little mystery and wouldn’t want to give too much away… you’d have to experience it!

But tribal, tribal tribal... we’re celebrating 3 years of BARE and everything that has gotten us here so far— so a ceremonial gathering felt only right! With Oval Space our Temple, I see an entire tribe of BAREs with tribal paint, flowers, indigenous vibes, Mayan and ritual union dancing, celebrating, and shining!


B.A.R.E (Be A Rare Exception)
3rd Birthday - Temple of the Lost Tribe

Saturday 5th March @ Oval Space 
More info here


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