Panthera Krause - Umami EP on Uncanny Valley

Words by: Joe Gamp
Posted: 1/3/16 9:03

Artist: Panthera Krause - Title: Umami EP - Label: Uncanny Valley

Lobster Theremin man and Leipzig resident Panthera Krause is on Uncanny Valley with another slice of eclectic and varied house music ditties, ranging from deep and meaningful, to break-beat inspired and flamboyant disco workouts.

'Umami' brings a snapping and grooving disco beat with finger snapping clicks on the break, introduces a Wurlitzer synth line gradually as its core rhythmic element, with chopped up vocal samples to add a dash of funky house warmth to this unashamedly groovy romp, while extra percussion and top end melodic chord structures add peaks and troughs to the overall feel of the track.

'Howling for July' brings with it an air of musicality, with a flute sample layered over crisp drum timbres and splash percussion, while a slow and meandering groove unfolds around an open-chord guitar strum, the crisp drums forming a broken beat pattern whole deep and beautifully organic bass guitar line adds a an air of cool to this stand out track on the EP.
'Z Cuts' steps away from the instantaneous feel of the first two tracks, moving away from the centre of the dance floor with an abstract tapestry that's woven together using buzzing synths, electro-boogie-esque, pulsing bass and scatter-shot drum patterns for machine loving, hip hop inspired journey – another fantastic track in this spicy and varied offering.

Finally, 'The Space Between Us' - described the press releases as "an emotional ride through the twilight of eternal loss and extravagant hope", it's yearning undertones and minor-chord soaked melancholy, while a gentle beat starts to sink in, a myriad of thought processes and emotion-inducing melodies and dynamic ambience.

Panthera Krause - Umami EP on Uncanny Valley  |

Our Rating: 8/10


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