I-Robots - Own Existence (The Detroit Remixes) EP on Opilec Music

Words by: Paul Corey
Posted: 3/3/16 8:39

Artist: I-Robots - Title: Own Existence (The Detroit Remixes) EP - Label: Opilec Music

Own Existence has been in circulation since 2008, having first seen the light of day on ‘Law Of Robotics’, I-Robots debut album, and this double header of eponymous interpretations comes sandwiched in the middle of other, sundry album re-rubs. What drew me more than anything to this package though, was the presence of Gary Martin, a blast from the past and a slept-on talent.

Martin seems to be feeling his way back into production, albeit on the back of an album for Motech last year. His work, for me at least, always had a touch of the exotic, and allowed standard Detroit tropes an extra air of licentiousness. There’s some evidence of that here, the sonic arrangement providing a nice sense of space accompanied by some essential robotic vocal action.

The Los Hermanos remix is a piece of Latin-infused machine funk; lively, dynamic and extremely danceable with a good sense of progression, which is exactly what you want from Gerald Mitchell and co.

Both versions are worth your hard-earned shekels and will prove their dance floor worth when unleashed. Los Hermanos for peak time abandon, Teknotica for phlegmatic introspection.

I-Robots - Own Existence (The Detroit Remixes) EP on Opilec Music
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Our Rating: 8/10



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