Pete Dorling - Vilnius EP on Monza Ibiza Records

Words by: Allan Goodman
Posted: 3/3/16 8:33

Artist Pete Dorling - Title: Vilnius EP - Label: Monza Ibiza Records

Monza Ibiza Records is a go to outlet for fans of serious house and tech music and their next EP offers plenty more of that. It is a far ranging affair that brings together one  original from UK Pete Dorling whilst enlisting ace remixes from ItaloBros, Carlos Pulido and Dr Alfred as well as Romeo D'arret & Javier Gonzalez.

The first original gives its name to the whole EP and is called Vilnius. It is a spiritual bit of emotive house with dreamy vocals stitched into big synths and rolling rubber drums. It is a peak time cut that will take you to another level. Shonka is the other original and is more turbulent, with frosty blasts of bass and slick drums making you want to move.

Romeo D'arret & Javier Gonzalez then joined forces again to create a ecliptic remix on Vilnius that is washed with melodies and rainy chords, emotions and teary eyes. The same cut also gets reworked by ItaloBros into a slipping New York house styled cut and then Carlos Pulido gets all dark and menacing on his mean tech mix. Lastly, Dr Alfred remixes Shonka into a meaty tune with metallic hits, nice loopy bass and some colourful chords that really swing with great style.

Pete Dorling - Vilnius EP on Monza Ibiza Records  |

Our Rating: 7/10


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