B.A.R.E 3rd Birthday: Temple of the Lost Tribe at Oval Space, March 2016 - Review

Words by: Nilly Allen
Posted: 15/3/16 8:19

Bare 3rd Birthday: Temple of the Lost Tribe at Oval Space, March 2016 - Review

It’s been three years since we first began noticing the mystics and magic of B.A.R.E (Be A Rare Exception) grace London’s underground scene with their organic and open attitude towards throwing parties. Over this time they have somewhat filled a gap in a scene where events have seemingly become increasingly predictable and less creative. Their ethos of positivity, spirituality and unity has captured the interest of many party-goers who are in search of something that little bit more interesting… Each B.A.R.E quest takes you on a different journey, so I was intrigued to see what they had in store for their 3rd birthday celebration, named Temple of the Lost Tribe.

War-paint at the ready I made my way into Oval Space, where instantaneously I was welcomed in by the warm glow of tropical colours and happy-faced crowds. The sense of community and friendship was very apparent, everywhere I looked revellers were socialising, smiling and genuinely having a great time, so naturally it wasn’t long until I started chatting away to plenty of new faces along with old. The booth and stage had been completely transformed into a candle-lit jungle-shrine, with glittered-up B.A.R.E letters dangling in amongst the tropical greenery which beautifully framed the decks and DJ, who upon my arrival happened to be London-bred Brett Jacobs, a last minute addition to the bill in replacement for resident DJ Daniel who had unfortunately fallen ill.

Brett wasted no time in setting us up for the continuation of the evening by delivering us clean, minimal and bouncing grooves until 1am, by which point the venue was full and rearing to go. After a quick exchange of turntables and a respectable applaud for Jacobs, Cocoon’s Basti Grub was next in line to bring our quest up a notch with a live set. As the floor cheered and whistled him on in the break of the music, Basti stepped up to take his place on the shrine, easing us in with lengthy, minimal and ethnic sounds. Slowly and seamlessly we were taken through a journey of driving, tribal-tech which perfectly depicted the themes of the evening, and after meticulously building the space up to a climax, Basti had delivered what had become a full hands-in-the-air affair.

The essence of Grub’s exotic and drum layered sounds had brought everybody together in a festival-style fashion and people were now fully in the zone of what B.A.R.E resembles, faces and bodies were being painted and there were plenty of dance-floor-hug moments to be witnessed by this point. Basti grooved away with us until 3am ending his live set on lighter tech-house notes until fellow German, Marco of Luna City Express set up in order to take over. With spirits high from Basti’s uplifting close, Luna City Express delved straight into opening his set with Eats Everything’s Big Discs, smiles, cheers and hands flicked across the floor as the cheery track got us in the mood for a change in direction from tech to vocal house.

Known for their open-minded approach to house music, Marco and Norman behind Luna City Express have impressed the world of music with their eclectic collection of house tracks, released on the likes of Enliven Music, Get Physical and most prominently the almighty Moon Harbour Recordings. This attraction has seen them play worldwide, including numerous times for the beloved Circo Loco at DC10 and it wasn’t long before B.A.R.E got the full spectrum of what Luna City Express are all about as Berliner Marco threw down a string of grooving, vocal-house bangers, including crowd pleasers Changes by Burnski and Green Velvet’s charismatic Preacher Man which had everybody’s hands firmly high.

As night merged into morning B.A.R.E resident and head honcho Jnr Windross swiftly joined forces with Marco, delivering us a high energy back to back session which saw the dwellers of Oval Space unite. Evidently excited by the appearance of Windross, a wave of cheer and encouragement exerted from within the dance-floor as he took to the shrine, complete with full tribal face-paint to bring the party into its last hour, alongside Marco and fellow B.A.R.E resident Leroy Roberts.

There is something special about B.A.R.E, whether it is the wonderful like-minded crowd, the respect and admiration for the resident DJs or the creativity in their production; you feel a certain sense of community which hits you from the get-go. Seemingly everybody arrives without a sense of pre-conception, just an open-mind and the willingness to discover what lies ahead for them, which is what makes this party stand out from the rest.

Photography by Visionseven

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