D'Julz - Escapade EP on Phonogramme

Words by: Joe Gamp
Posted: 24/3/16 8:18

Artist: D'Julz - Title: Escapade EP - Label: Phonogramme

France’s foremost master of deep, textured house music returns with a new offering for recently christened French label Phonogramme. Anyone who's familiar with the work of the Bass Culture founder knows his focus on deep and bottom heavy aesthetics would spot this new release a mile off just by judging on bass, style and sound alone. Julz brings more of his trademark - classic house jams reworked for contemporary, future facing audience.

His latest EP – the aptly titled Escapade – kicks off with Adjusted, sporting big, heavy kick drums wrapped up in textured bass armour, with a pulsing bassline, foggy horn and swinging groove adding pace and clarity to this wobbling, head down house tune.

Title track Escapade fizzes and stutters with its white noise blasts, while layered basslines and organ chords add an ethereal quality to the smooth pace of the track, while fluctuating tones and moods dance around snapping, tightly wound drums. All before gorgeous piano riff line progressively comes to the fore. A beautiful and thoughtful deviation from the dance floor.

Ze One brings a driving and distorted bassline, akin to the sound of Mr G, while metronomic percussion ticks and disintegrating, loose drum hits add more groove and swing to the track, before launching into a 4x4, garage-esque vibe on the break.

Finishing this timeless collection in style is Narcissistic Scratch, with its fast pace and analogue-techno leaning sensibilities. A pulsing, one note bass hit rapidly pummels away at the listener, while cracking, echoing beats add just enough dynamic-ism to allow for extra drum breaks, eerie vocal chops and extra ticking percussive effects. It’s a bit of a street led, gangsta house vibe to finish, but it just goes to show the breadth, longevity and skill set of D'Julz - the Frenchman is always experimenting and thus always coming out smelling of fresh, fragrant and funky roses.

D'Julz - Escapade EP on Phonogramme
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Our Rating: 8.5/10


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