Five-by-five Check - Quiz & Production Tips - April 2016

Words by: I Voice & Cr2
Posted: 13/4/16 8:21

Five-by-five Check - Quiz & Production Tips - Powered by Sample Tools by Cr2

Welcome to Sample Tools by Cr2! A subsidiary of world-renowned dance music record label Cr2 Records, Sample Tools by Cr2 brings the label’s reputation for quality forward thinking dance music into the sample pack world!

Through the delivery of exceptionally crafted packs from a select team of producers from around the globe, Sample Tools provide electronic music producers cutting edge sounds from across the dance music spectrum including Progressive House, EDM, Electro, Deep House, Techno, Bass Music, DnB and everything in between!

Sample Tools provides novice and advanced music producers alike with the highest quality samples, presets, songstarters and templates, but what sets them apart from other sample pack labels is the inclusion of complementary tuition in the form of Prod-Cast video tutorials and production booklets – in depth and in-demand content giving producers quality sounds and the science behind those sounds.

Since our launch in Feb 2014, Sample Tools by Cr2 have proven themselves as market leaders with the recognition of “best-selling sample pack label on Beatport for 2015” and notable support from the likes of Fatboy Slim, Laidback Luke, Thomas Gold, Stafford Brothers, Kissy Sellout, Hannah Wants, Grades, Borgore and more. This unbelievable achievement has now led our leading sample pack company on to launching our own website -

We are now teaming up with Ibiza Voice to provide you with a monthly feature - Five-By-Five Check - Powered by Sample Tools by Cr2!

This feature will primarily be music production and sampling related. And yes… There WILL be prizes to be won! This month we are kicking things off with a quiz (on Ibiza Voice’s Facebook page) in which one of the lucky winners will win a free sample pack. The winner will be able to choose which sample pack they would like from any of Sample Tools by Cr2’s back catalogue.


1. Rule Is No Rules
Lots of people assume that compression is ONLY used for reducing the dynamic range of a signal. However, this isn't correct at all. When it comes to making music there are no 'rules' what so ever. Try compressing your reverb returns by a small amount. This can actually help thicken them up a bit!

2. Double the bass
it’s important to keep your low frequencies in mono, however, sometimes you may want a wide sounding bass. Try and duplicate your bass track, add a high pass filter up to about 300Hz, add some slight distortion, send through to a wide chorus and then mix this channel subtly with the original. 

3. Think and listen
Before jumping straight into compression and EQ once you have a new sound, stop for a minute and think to yourself 'what am I trying to achieve from this?'. Think first about how what you're doing might enhance the mix. Use your ears and not your eyes!

4. DIY…
Even if you have a small sized studio or even if you have a massive studio space, wires coming from; computers, synths, monitors, midi keyboards etc.… can be very annoying. Take the cardboard tube from a toilet roll and use it to feed the wires through; helps keep your studio nice and tidy!

5. Be adventurous
Try your hardest to experiment with effects that you're not used to playing with. It's easy to keep going to the same reverb presets because you like the sound of it, but if you dive into features in plug-ins that you're not so comfortable with, you'll end up creating really unique sounds.



The winner can choose the Sample Pack from our extended library


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