AudioHell & Malatoid - Dreaming Parmisan EP on Audiohell Department Rec.

Words by: Errol Leslie
Posted: 18/5/16 8:12

Artists: AudioHell & Malatoid - Title: Dreaming Parmisan EP - Label: Audiohell Department Rec.

The next release on the AudioHell outlet is an all Italian affair. It finds the boss man, also named AudioHell, team up with a skilled producer in Malatoid. He has his own label where he puts out his slick beats, but here the pair really excel. All four cuts are sizzling affairs that both DJs and dancers will love, and there is plenty of variation along the way to keep you on your toes.

For those who like their house music deep and dramatic, check the final cut here Repetition Is Key. It is a nicely stripped back cut with grumbling bass and textured hits that makes for a big open space in which to get lost. Elsewhere, You Are Not Alone is more direct and hard hitting. The kicks are firm and forceful; the synths are colourful and explode in beautiful patterns. It is an absorbing cut to be sure.

The Green Light is lower and more purposeful. It has a big heft in the drums and elastic, bendy synths and pad all doing acrobatics up top. They will have you doing the same, no doubts.

The prize for the best title of the EP goes to the opening track Dreaming Parmesan, which sets the tone for the EP with its grainy synths, frazzled tech feel and killer drums. So again then this Italian team have come out on top.

AudioHell & Malatoid - Dreaming Parmisan EP on Audiohell Department Rec.  |

Our Rating: 7/10


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