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Posted: 30/6/16 15:48

The greatest classical composers meet the world’s most innovative electronic music artists - Re:Works Limited Vinyl LP on Decca Classics - Win LPs

Re:works is the result of a groundbreaking project that sees the rich catalogue of Decca Classics being opened to some of the world’s foremost electronic producers, including Mr Scruff, Starkey, Henrik Schwarz, Fort Romeau, Patrice Bamuel, Martin Buttrich & Kate Simko.

Over the last few years, the lines between classical and contemporary electronic music have been blurred more than ever before. High-profile orchestral collaborations from some of the scene’s leading figures have brought the compatibility of these seemingly disparate genres into sharp focus, opening doors to new avenues of musical exploration.

Re:works seeks to further establish the common ground between the historic and modern day aspects of musical composition, opening the hallowed Decca vaults to a selection of seminal electronic artists.   Composers including Bach, Beethoven, Rachmaninov, Satie and Reich created some of the most timeless classic music ever made: remixing these compositions is no small undertaking, but the results are nothing short of breathtaking. Ranging from the experimental to the more recognisable 4/4 structures of house and techno, Re:works elicits the full range of emotion – from the heartbreaking to the ecstatic – over the course of 17 extraordinary tracks.

Taking on Satie’s celebrated ‘Gnossienne No.1’, former Planet Mu and Ninja Tune artist Starkey starts with little more than the stripped-back piano of the original piece, before steadily building to an epic peak through increasingly frenetic percussion and soaring florescent synths.

Along with Starkey, Grammy-nominated studio legend Martin Buttrich and Chicago’s highly celebrated Kate Simko deliver two interpretations released on a stand-alone EP. The former is a melancholy, minimalistic techno take on Satie’s ‘Gnossienne No.4’ while the latter harnesses the emotional heft of Schubert’s poignant strings, delivering a house cut that is both delicate and commanding in equal measure.

Remixes on the full album include Mr. Scruff’s gleefully idiosyncratic 13-minute reinterpretation of Reich’s ‘6 Pianos’, while Fort Romeau demonstrates why labels such as Running Back and Ghostly International hold him in such high regard with a poignant deep house version of ‘4 Preludes Flasques’.

Ultimately, every remix included on Re:works delivers, resulting in an eclectic, unique and inspiring collection of music. Re:works is out 15 July 2016 on Decca. Re:works EP 1 featuring remixes from Starkey, Kate Simko and Martin Buttrich is out now.

Re:Works Limited Vinyl LP
Various Artists
Title: Re:Works Limited Vinyl LP
Label: Decca Classics
Release Date: 15/07/16 - Format: 2x LP Vinyl
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01. Grieg: Peer Gynt (Death Of Aase) (Solomon Grey's Paradise Lost Rework)
02. Bach: Air On G String (Wolfgang Voigt Ambient Rework)
03. Bach: Prelude And Fugue In C (Ulrich Schnauss Rework)
04. Fauré: Requiem (Sanctus) (Extended Faultline Rework)
05. Satie: Gnossienne No.1 (Starkey Remix)
06. Beethoven: Moonlight Sonata (Sébastien Tellier Rework)
07. Debussy: String Quartet (Assez Vif Et Bien Rythmé) (Henrik Schwarz Rework)
08. Reich: Six Pianos (Mr Scruff Extended Rework)
09. Schubert: Schwanengesang (Standchen) (Kate Simko & London Electronic Orchestra Remix)
10. Satie: 4 Préludes Flasques (Fort Romeau Rework)
11. Holst: The Planets (Neptune) (Thomas Gandey's Extended Cosmix Rework)
12. Bartók: Hungarian Sketches (Bear Melody) (Brigante Rework)
13. Satie: Gnossienne No.4 (Martin Buttrich Extended Remix)
14. Bach: Air On A G String (Wolfgang Voigt Wasserman Rework)
15. Sakamoto: Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (Francesco Tristano Rework)
16. Reich: Drumming [Drumming] (Patrice Baumel Rework)
17. Rachmaninov: Vespers “Bogoroditse Devo” (All-Night Vigil) (Alberto Bof Rework)


Various Artists - Re:Works  LP on Decca Classics


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