CLiVe - FutureLand EP on Digital Traffik Recordings

Words by: Allan Goodman
Posted: 2/8/16 10:12

Artist: CLiVe - Title: FutureLand EP - Label: Digital Traffik Recordings

CLiVe is a producer who has been making waves with his spaced out and slick deep house sound for a while now. He has recently been made the new A&R at Digital Traffik, where he will be responsible for searching out new talents to sign to the label, and it is actually he himself who steps up to the plate with two fresh new tracks for the labels next release.

Both of them are housey in nature but one goes deeper whilst the other is more spaced out and intergalactic in nature. That one, specifically, is the title track, FutureLand, which has surging and soaring chords racing through a dark night sky. The drums are rubbery and slick, the synths pixelated and smeared and overall it really sends shivers up your spine.

We Start Moving is the opening track on the EP and is a more romantic, deep seated house roller with colourful chords that fill your heart with soul. It is smart and well produced and really stands out from the crowd.

CLiVe - FutureLand EP on Digital Traffik Recordings  |

Our Rating: 7/10


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