Rolldabeetz - He Kills For a Prize EP on Playperview

Words by: Allan Goodman
Posted: 15/8/16 9:18

Artist: Rolldabeetz - Title: He Kills For a Prize EP - Label: Playperview

HNQO’s Playperview label is now up to its 30th release, and it is as fresh and exciting from the rest. It comes from Rolldabeetz and features two top originals as well as a fine remix from Davis & Zopelar. Rolldabeetz are Soundman Pako & Fabo, a pair of Brazilian talents who have served up many great tunes before now. Here they do so again.

First up is the druggy and pair back He Kills For a Prize, which is a basement house cut that is thick and heavy in atmosphere. Crisp hits and bobbling bass help make it stand out and Overheat then follows up with more brooding menace. This one has meandering synths and nagging drones that get right under your skin, and last of all Davis & Zopelar remix He Kills For a Prize. Their version is filled with real drive and boom bap slap form the perc. The drums are kinetic and tight and weird synths help add a freak vibe.

Rolldabeetz - He Kills For a Prize EP on Playperview  |

Our Rating: 7/10


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