Raphael Hofman - Susurrus EP on Jeudi Records

Words by: Allan Goodman
Posted: 17/8/16 8:11

Artist: Raphael Hofman - Title: Susurrus EP - Label: Jeudi Records

There is barely a month goes by without Jeudi Records kicking out the club ready jams. Now they do so once more with a young and skilled Dutch producer Raphael Hofman behind the beats. He is based in Berlin and really knows how to make atmospheric tracks and does so again here, with two top originals as well as getting remixed by Kris Davis and Bird of Paradise.

The opener Susurrus is the modest of the lot, with low sling bass burping and bubbling away. Below that rubber drums roll on and twinkling melodies are sprinkled like fairy dust up top. It is an involving opener that is poised and poignant. The remix from Birds of Paradise is more acid laced and wild, with a more hellish vibe and freaky mood pervading the stomping groove.

Nightmare then comes from Hofman and is a fulsome cut full of wiry electronics, sinewy chords and swaying drums and claps that makes you move. It is full of suspense and tension and futuristic synth lines. Last of all, Kris Davis flips this one into his own stylish joint. He does so with a patient hand, letting it build through squirming synths and shuffling drums that are spines tingling spaced out. Once again then this EP is a success all round.

Raphael Hofman - Susurrus EP on Jeudi Records
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Our Rating: 7.5/10


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