Wankelmut - Sirens EP on Poesie Musik

Words by: Errol Leslie
Posted: 24/8/16 10:24

Artist: Wankelmut - Title: Sirens EP - Label: Poesie Musik

Wanklemut is a cut above your average producer. His music comes laden with real structure, beauty and proper chords and melodies. He proves that once more here with three more sumptuous cuts for the Poesie Musik label, on each one the German really nails the mood he was going for.

The vocals on opener You Wanna Know really make it stand out. They are from a French lady called Joy that this East Berlin born producer met when on tour there. She sings with a sombre tone to her voice and as squeaking synths and rubbery bass rumble below they combine to majestic and spine tingling effect.

Then comes Tabula Rasa, which is another nicely atmospheric cut with a big heart, wordless but emotive vocals and serene synth work all paired with drums that make you move. Reprise is the closer and is a more jostling and busy cut with lively drums, zoned out vocals and a myriad of chords and synths all swirling in the background to add real depth. It makes for music that is rich in detail and warm in vibe.

Wankelmut - Sirens EP on Poesie Musik
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Our Rating: 7/10


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