Lahun - Slow Love EP on Apollo Records

Words by: AC Wilson
Posted: 14/9/16 9:03

Artist: Lahun - Title: Slow Love EP - Label: Apollo Records

Apollo Record have sourced some interesting talent with their latest signing Lahun. Having done some epic remixes for the likes of R&S, however now has a solid home at this beloved imprint. His debut certainly makes a statement as this 4-track release shines light on (hopefully) what is to forth-come.

You instantly become engrossed into the encapsulating vocals of Sara Garvey as 'Slow Love' begins to take shape. The squelching basslines sounds astounding as the sink below the mesmerising pads that float around your imagination to great effect. This is a stunning track that is impossible to ignore and something you can go back to again and again and again. A must.

'Mystic Jam' is exactly that as the sounds vibrate enigmatically amongst each other. The ambiguous stumping drum sequence is alluring, allowing the pads to smoothly drift in as the bars progress. This track is definitely one of the best from this year. Stunning.

'Siriusly' is another wonder from this exceptionally great EP. This is a lot more stripped than the previous two, with the pads taking the lead instead of vocals, breaking up the vibe completely. This track holds various emotions within as the electronic score tells a tale that you need to hear over and over.

'Nana Chan' mixes dark and deep sounds with uplifting and enchanting sounds that mould sporadically throughout the bars. This is probably the most interesting as the casually chaotic drums boost your flow of endorphins to another level entirely.

Definitely one of the best releases I've heard this year and something that I will be revisiting in years to come. A true example of when talent meets passion. An absolute classic.

Lahun - Slow Love EP on Apollo |

Our Rating: 9/10


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