Cosmic Pineapple: "Dance, connect & create together to experiment into a new way of being!"

Words by: Allan Goodman
Posted: 31/8/16 17:01

Cosmic Pineapple, Interview with founder Kim Booth

Cosmic Pineapple is the new Ibiza concept that starts this September at Pikes - Ibiza Rocks House fusing creativity, music and cosmic vibes. The innovative mini festival combines a healing area with a yoga class alongside with energy work, conscious talks, card readings, massage, astrology, nature workshops and much more (4pm - midnight)… A creativity area with a variety of workshops, art and photo installations (4pm - 9pm)… A night market “Once Upon a Time” with local arts and fashion sellers (6pm - midnight)… A daytime soundtrack served around the pool alongside healthy food and drink… An outdoor cinema brought to you by “Cinema Paradiso”…And from 10pm exclusive DJ sets across two rooms, the Cosmic Cave and the Space Rave...Altogether for an ultimate cosmic journey this September on the White Isle

Dance, connect, create together to experiment into a new way of being!..Ahead of the event we took time to speak with founder Kim Booth to find out more about Cosmic Pineapple...

Who's behind Cosmic Pineapple and how the party come to exist for those who don’t know?
I started the website at the beginning of 2015. The website is a resource portal for information and experiences that enhance and connect people to their true selves. You can find articles on anything from meditation practice, lucid dreaming, astrology and of course our Cosmix podcasts...

I have been working in dance music for almost 16 years, first as a journalist and then working PR for DJs and raves. I have always been inspired by the healing power of dance music and culture and I believe that with focus and intent you can use music to raise your personal vibration into alignment with who you really are. So the Cosmic Pineapple events are basically a mix of all these elements that all have the same ultimate focus - a feeling of connection and peace with your inner being. 

Cosmic Pineapple aim or mission statement

What is Cosmic Pineapple aim or mission statement and what gap were you plugging, do you think?
Cosmic Pineapple is a place of connection. To the self, the other, the earth and everything that exists. This site is designed to bring you cosmic and conscious knowledge and wisdom, in creative and interesting ways; with intrigue and a twist of pineapple.

I feel Cosmic Pineapple is a space to remind people what they already know inside & to inspire joy, creativity & healing on many levels...We have entered into the Aquarian age – a shift of consciousness levels and a time of new beginnings. New ways of thinking and ‘being’ are inviting us forwards; moving away from the duality consciousness of the Piscean age – which focused on hierarchy and power, and into unity and community conscious – everything ‘is'; we are all one of the same, we are all from source.

It is our hope that Cosmic Pineapple brings you some insight and source of inspiration; carrying wisdom from the mystics, teachers, healers, elders, children, philosophers, artists, animals, the sky and mother earth – from past, present and the future.

And for you to be part of the big change happening on earth; anything is possible and we all have the power to change and heal. The best way to heal the world is to be aware, deal with problems and lift the vibration; starting with ourselves and our actions.

The profits from the events will all be going to selected charities each week & we are asking people to party with intention...I feel Cosmic Pineapple is a space to remind people what they already know inside and to inspire joy, creativity and healing on many levels. Life does not need to be the card we have been dealt and the way we perceive it. Humans are in a big transition at the moment and are waking up to what is really going on and our true potentials. We have been so dumbed down by society and conditioning for so many years. Dancing, art and healing modalities are great ways to shift through this. It is in the moments of freedom of expression - through dancing, art and healing - that we find who we really are.

I have been to some great events on the island recently - Woomoon and Acid Sundays are two. I feel Cosmic Pineapple will be on similar vibrations and I also love parties like Circo Loco and Paradise at DC10 and Cocoon, which have always inspired me. And I love the cosmic side of the island with the healers and teachers, I feel Cosmic Pineapple will combine these energies and add something a little different. It’s great when energies mix, this is how change can occur. The profits from the events will all be going to selected charities each week and we are asking people to party with intention. This is all done on good vibes to create a new energy.

Cosmic Pineapple, Interview with founder Kim Booth

Why should people come to Cosmic Pineapple, do you think? What makes the party different?
It’s about colour, dressing up, being a little silly, letting go and embracing and discovering new things that could help each person's personal journey. Connection…

We want for people to come with an open mind & fully let go & experience everything there is to offer... It’s all about that.It is a space to explore. We want for people to come with an open mind and fully let go and experience everything there is to offer. The idea is you can come for the whole 12 hours and get the full experience, or come for just a slice of what you need.

From the creative elements in the art classes (we also have a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party' drama work shop on the first one, which I am so excited about) - creativity is so important to learn how to recognise and express what is happening inside. To the different healings and conscious talks, to the night market bazaar - a big night market on the pink tennis courts, to the outdoor cinema from Cinema Paradiso guys, to the night of the dance… It’s all designed to have a magical flow and will be all about lifting vibrations. 

Cinema Paradiso

Musically, what is the vibe, what acts do C.P book and why do C.P book them?
Day time will be more of a cosmic flow music, music that will naturally flow with the day happenings with the art and healings and easy vibes and also a few live acts.  For the night time there will be two rooms - one we are calling a Cosmic Cave - I see it as this underground womb to get lost in music. You can only fit 60 people in there and it’s going to feel warm and deep, with acid-y, earthy techno and mystical music on a deeper vibration.

There will be planets & aliens & all things cosmic…. Here it will be all about high vibrations coming from space...Then we have the Space Rave, which is inspired by the first secret DJ to play and the others that are naturally happening too! There will be planets and aliens and all things cosmic…. Here it will be all about high vibrations coming from space.

And about playing Ibiza - How do you rate the crowds compared with the rest of the world?
The crowds are different wherever you go and it all depends on what party! I really liked Woomoon at sunset the other week. Nu was playing and he played this really beautiful vibration of melodic earthy techno.  Everyone was smiling at each other and there were some serious dance moves happening. It’s all about the dance moves and each dance move inspires another one.

So what's the biggest challenge to running a successful Ibiza party nowadays in your eyes?
I mean there are the usual challenges. But I would say it’s getting the right community and support. It’s all about community and the team and everyone being in the good vibration. I have found that when it’s right it naturally flows and if you come up against something that doesn’t work, find a way around it.

Cosmic Pineapple

How important is Ibiza to develop a brand?
Very important - it’s the island of music and magic! There is something so deep for the energy here. There is nowhere else like it in the world. I just watched a great interview with Sven Vath for Cocoon and it was very inspiring how his vision has come into manifest.

What have you got in store for this year? Any more events or projects you’d like to share with our readers?
At the moment I am moreover focusing on this and then not sure! I am trying to be as present as possible and trusting in the magic of the universe to guide.

Cosmic Pineapple at Pikes


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