Avant Garde - Sunday 28th August at Bankside Vaults, London - Party Review

Words by: Ralph Turner
Posted: 7/9/16 10:16

Avant Garde - Sunday 28th August at Bankside Vaults - Party Review

Calling your night Avant Garde is brave indeed, but this crew have done so rightfully because they truly do bring something fresh to the table. Their most recent event was held in the atmospheric Bankside Vaults in London with a fine selection of guests including John Talabot, Roman Flugel and Prins Thomas.

Avant Garde is known for bringing fresh bookings to London, for taking risks and offering something different to the norm. Tonight was no different. All this is rewarded in the fact the much loved night has a hardcore following who come to each event, while also attracting new and friendly faces with every exciting new party. Dedicated dance lovers, eager students and on trend cool cats all make up the crowd as we arrive.

Some are dressed up, some are dressed down, but all clearly know their onions as they get really engaged in the night and the music from the off rather than just milling about, chatting and posing for selfies. The space itself is cavernous, as you would expect of a former vault, and music rattles around sounding clean, crisp and clear. It is impressive and the sound really grabs your attention throughout the night.

As well as a hidden room with dark techno, the main room really goes off. John Talabot plays a superb set of steely electronics and moody melodic music that features his own cuts as well as plenty we didn’t know. ‘Save! The Light’ as remixed by Marco Pinol goes down well with its vocal lushness and teasing beat. After him comes Prins Thomas, who is a modern Scandi-disco king and really impresses with his magical cosmic sounds, pumping beats and careful mixing skills. The crowd lap up his heartfelt sounds, cheering with delight throughout.

For us, Roman Flugel was the main man of the night though. He drops a tough set of acid and techno that really gets us sweating. He bounces about in the booth, pulling out weapon after weapon and getting lots of fan boys, and newer faces, all equally excited. The floor is full right up until 7am when he finishes, which is a testament to his ability to lock things down.

Next up for Avant Garde is their more techno focussed Raum with Phase and Function, and on this evidence it is sure to be another essential night.

Photo © Daddy's Got Sweets

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