Electric Zoo New York: Wild Island 02/03/04 September 2016 - Party Review

Words by: Peter Thomson
Posted: 14/9/16 10:11

Interview with the team behind Electric Zoo festival

There are few festivals as spectacular as Electric Zoo in New York. For one it is located right in the heart of New York on Randalls Island, which means a breathtaking backdrop is always on hand to add a certain wow factor Now into its 8th year, once again the festival pulled out all the stops to be bigger and better than ever, and it really was right from the off.

Soon as you arrive you are blown away by the stages, which are brilliant in designed and magical in theme and are truly no expenses sacred affairs. Huge screens, mad lights, and killer sound system dominate and first up we head to the Hilltop Stage. Here we find some showstopping sets for the likes of Cooke Monsta, G Jones and Funtcase who each in turn send the crowd wild.

Many of the people here dress up in all sorts of hardcore rave gear, shiny and silly suits and costumes that must have taken much more planning and foresight than your average English clubber could muster. It sure did add to the overall wildness of the festival, though, as you wander from stage to stage and soak in the crazy colours.

Electric Zoo is also a hugely secure affair with a reassuring presence of on-site medics and ‘peer safety ambassadors. As for the musical spread, it ranges from clued-up and credible to more sugar coated and maximalist in style, but overall it is a far less EDM dominated line-up than it has been in the past. Already then, Electric Zoo came good on their promise to transform things, and as such there was a real buzz of excitement and energy about things from the off.

After ending Day One with Flux Pavillion we head back for some shut eye then come back her don the Saturday. After soaking in some of the food and dirk offerings, we get down to Louis the Child who impresses with his technical skills and careful sequencing. Bogor and Porter Robinson kept us going and as we head to and from the water full ip stations to keep nice and hydrated we check out some mind bending visuals from Gh0stdad.

in all, 80,000 people check out this festival and everyone in attendance seems happy from start to finish. Everything passes safely and the whole thing is well organised with few wait for drinks to getting from stage to stage. Hi impact sets full of bass and brazen beats from Valentino Kahn and Getter send us home sweaty and happy, and already we are dreaming of next year.

Photo © Electric Zoo: Wild Island

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