Remi Mazet - Paris Is Burning EP on Love Fever Records

Words by: AC Wilson
Posted: 14/9/16 11:43

Artist: Remi Mazet - Title: Paris Is Burning EP - Label: Love Fever Records

Love Fever Records hit their 11th release. The label which has seen many greats in very little time deliver sounds through their digital outlet, have now employed the skills of Remi Mazet with a 3 tracks and one from Man Power.

The Man Power remix of ‘Paris Is Burning’ sets light with a mixture of electronic percussion and delicious augmentations of natural sound that delivers a magical opening. As the bars pan through the whole track begins to open up, allowing you to be taken along a magical journey that consists of throbbing basslines, vox slices and hypnotic strings that take dark shapes throughout. A good solid start.
Mazet’s original is a lot more users friendly in the approach it has taken is somewhat more straightforward and conform to the house guise. This will surely get floors pumping in unison as the solid drums and old-style bassline pumps through the speakers. This has classic written all over it and one that I'm sure will be enjoyed by many over the coming months.
Marley’ is certainly where things become even more spectacular. This laid-back approach is really quite an extraordinary interpretation as the bassline chanters below the eerie chimes. However the strangeness is broken up as charismatic pads deliver a new edge on this would-be dark approach.
It's safe to say that Remi likes his old-school sounds. The EP finishes with 'Dallas Liquid' which sprouts from a classic drum interpretation that sets the backbone. On top we have faint sounds of people conversing with each other which provide the atmosphere. Various horns take the lead along with triangles and other instruments of similar ilk. Finish off with chops of mesmerising sounds and you have the recipe for something very enjoyable indeed. Quite possibly my favourite of the entire release.

Remi Mazet - Paris Is Burning EP on Love Fever Records  |

Our Rating: 7.5/10


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