Emanuel Satie - Paffo’s Riff EP on Knee Deep In Sound

Words by: AC Wilson
Posted: 15/9/16 8:32

Artist: Emanuel Satie - Title: Paffo’s Riff EP - Label: Knee Deep In Sound

The Knee Deep In Sound label is certainly shaping up to be one that delivers consistently and something I certainly hope continues in the future. Their 30th release welcomes Emanuel Satie who in the past 12 months has received huge attention throughout the industry. The release consists of two original pieces alongside two remixes provided by Guti & Pirupa.

'Paffo's Riff' begins in an instantly likeable manner. The choppy sensation of the drums presents an irresistible groove that has you moving in the first few bars. The keys provide a great overlay allowing the vox to fill the spaces with ease; a good solid start.

'Big Love' takes you down a much deeper rabbit hole than the opening gambit with possibly the best track of the whole EP. The prominent bassline glides through your emotions as it hovers along the deep drum track. This simple equation is accompanied with various slices of electronic sounds that provide an excellent work that is impossible not to like.

Guti steps in on remix duties and gives a wonderful interpretation for 'Paffo's Riff' that is much more refined than the original. This exceptional piece makes wonderful use of the original sounds and delivers a much deeper twist. The key part being the synth breaks that become Moorish each time you listen to them.

Pirupa delivers a remix on 'Big Love' that works wonderfully and fits well with the whole release. The varying levels of pads dance precariously with each other with great effects as well as the original vocal that has been fed through echo units to refine the original sound. Another great medley that finishes off this release perfectly.

Emanuel Satie - Paffo’s Riff EP on Knee Deep In Sound
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Our Rating: 8/10


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