DJ Deep - DJ Deep Cuts Vol.3 New Horizons EP on Deeply Rooted

Words by: AC Wilson
Posted: 20/9/16 11:21

Artist: DJ Deep - Title: DJ Deep Cuts Vol.3 New Horizons EP - Label: Deeply Rooted

There really is no point in introducing DJ Deep. His sounds have engrossed floors and gatherings more than most and is something that certainly will not stop. He is back with his third edition of his 'Cuts' series on his own imprint Deeply Rooted.

The release starts simple and unforced with some excellent sounding drum percussions on the main mix of 'MKS1'. As they carry through a few bars, the steady and solid drums kick in and provide a decent backbone alongside the hovering sub-bass. The pads in this work unbelievably well as they stab through in various movements and styles. An excellent start.

The dub is sufficiently stripped back while holding still a good solid groove that provides a perfect lights-down gargoyle. Heads down. Eyes closed. Enjoyment fulfilled.

The main mix of 'New Horizons' start off well as a fluttering electronic arrangement add compliment to the simple prevailing beat. This chuntering beast starts off slow and steady to great effect as they sonic array is filled with a whole arrangement of delights to just keep coming and coming.

The dub version is more lively than the original so the name is somewhat incorrect. However don't let that put you off. This is also an encompassing wonder of sounds that allow you to lose yourself within moments of it hitting your emotions.

DJ Deep - DJ Deep Cuts Vol.3 New Horizons EP on Deeply Rooted  |

Our Rating: 7.5/10


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