Jack France - 2206 EP on Four On Four

Words by: AC Wilson
Posted: 20/9/16 11:19

Artist: Jack France - Title: 2206 EP - Label: Four On Four

The first track has been bootlegged more times than I can remember however it's out on official release on Four On Four. The previous three releases on this imprint have been sensational however I don't feel this one quite cuts it.

This heavy hitter is one that is impossible to ignore. The brutal, hopping drums beat viscously through the speakers. The synth works perfectly above this ruthless backbone, morphing through ranges of twists and obliquity. Unfortunately it ends there in terms of intriguing angles and becomes somewhat stale once the end is reached.

Thankfully the stimulation is opened up as 'House Cut' provides much more. The groove on this is encapsulating as the bassline works precariously alongside the drum sequence. The haunting pads take the lead perfectly as they mutate throughout the bars, holding the listener in throughout. A very interesting and enjoyable track.

Unfortunately the dullness creeps back in on 'Acid Works'. I listened to this a few times and in different states to give it the chance. However it doesn't provide anything other than a recipe that has been put out time and time again.

Jack France - 2206 EP on Four On Four
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Our Rating: 5.5/10


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