Lapien - A Change Is Gonna Come EP on Rekids

Words by: AC Wilson
Posted: 21/9/16 8:58

Artist: Lapien - Title: A Change Is Gonna Come EP - Label: Rekids

Rekids are back once again and in their usual intriguing state. Their 93rd release welcomes Berlin-based Nick Lapien with 3 original pieces that cover some common bases in a welcoming style.

'A Change Is Gonna Come' is one of those tracks where you hit play and know instantly that it will sprout into something you will love and adore. The drums start heavy and fast while the atmosphere calms the senses and allows you to become lost within its wonderful demeanour. Add to the mix a low sparse bassline accompanied with well panned percussion and a hint of vocals and you have a recipe for success.

'As It Is' starts a lot more brutal and hard. Heavy drums and chuntering basslines constitute this heavy backbone while the pads haunt unusually throughout the sonics. The track holds eerie elements as the spectral sounds deliver a mesmerising yet onerous and broken sound-scape.

'Vexed' is a lot calmer and is somewhat of a classic in my opinion. Illustrious pads open up the introduction perfectly as they build slightly, paving way for the drum and bassline combo. The groove is irresistible and graceful as it moves you in a tranquil and delightful manner. A stunning piece to an overall interesting release.

Lapien - A Change Is Gonna Come EP on Rekids  |

Our Rating: 7.5/10


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