Leonardo Gonelli - Whaa EP - Label: Deeperfect

Words by: Allan Goodman
Posted: 6/10/16 11:18

Artist: Leonardo Gonelli - Title: Whaa EP - Label: Deeperfect

Deeperfect is the label run by Italian techno tastemaker Stefano Noferini and here they come again with a fresh new EP that has Leonardo Gonelli behind one original and Mathias Kaden serving up two remixes.

With a career spanning more than a decade and a plethora of world-¬‐renowned events under his belt, Leonardo Gonnelli is no stranger to the big stage. Here he serves up a track suitable for that big stage: with ghetto vocals and stiff drums it is a sweaty effort that packs a big punch.

Kaden’s first remix is all about a hulking great bassline that hits you hard as it rolls on. Acid vibes and reverberating vocals bring some menace and it is one to make a real mark in the club. His Straight remix is just that - a fierce tech tune driven hard and full of energy. Once again then here all parties involved come up trumps.

Leonardo Gonelli - Whaa EP - Label: Deeperfect
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Our Rating: 7/10


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