HIPPIE NEW YEAR! | New Year's Eve at Ritter Butzke

Words by: Ritter Butzke
Posted: 16/11/16 17:42

HIPPIE NEW YEAR! - New Year's Eve Party at Ritter Butzke - 31 December 2016

20 hours of darkness a day, freezing cold winds, dysfunctional public transportation – Berlin is a rough place in winter. But there’s one good thing about it, that makes up for everything: Soon it’s time for our legendary New Year’s Eve amok rave: HIPPIE NEW YEAR!

Now that’s what we call a party. A massive line-up like this year’s needs space – lots of it. For this reason we’ll basically occupy the whole bloc and create some extra floors for our 24 hours of rave time. The details of what’s going to happen are still secret, however, we may allow a glimpse through our keyhole...

For once the preparations for a unique Superfriends special are running in full speed. Thanks to our wonderful headliner andhim, we’ll present you an entire floor dedicated to their brand new, very own label “Superfriends Records”. Lucky for us, they’ve considered our New Year’s spectacle to be the right time and place to introduce their baby to the party crowd. After listening to the very first release “Tosh” EP, we’re full of high expectations for what more is there to come… Besides, the sound of andhim has always been equally deep as it’s catchy. It’ll touch your soul, and it’ll sure as hell make you dance.

Just as brilliant is the co-headlining duo Format:B partying hard is their speciality and killing it on the dance floor is their daily bread. A Format:B set has the ability to make you truly dance your brains out, until you suddenly realise, it’s January 2nd .

Moreover there’s a rumour, that one of Ritter Butzke’s very good friends – who’s not only considered to be a pretty dope guy, but also one of the true and internationally acclaimed stars of Berlins club scene – is going to play a secret gig. And he's known to blow your mind, every time he enters a DJ booth…

Also be prepared for some more of our all time favourites and longtime friends such as Oliver Koletzki’s token act Niconé, dance floor hit machine Wankelmut or the masters of mesmerising Deep-House BAAL. There’s hardly any better way to say: Goodbye 2016, it’s about time to move on! - hello 2017, let’s see what you’ve got...

Hippie New Year everyone!
SECRET ACT (full disclosure Dec, 30th!)
BAAL (live)
David Jach
Prismode & Solvane
Mario Aureo
Björn Störig
Markus Klee
Marion Cobretti
DJ Aroma • Daniel Schumann
++many more tba

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